Web Support & Maintenance

All websites benefit from ongoing care—from regular system updates to security management.

Fionta provides periodic maintenance for the majority of our web development clients, in addition to working with organizations on their existing website.

How Can We Help?

Content Management System maintenance: All open content CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!) require oversight. Core software needs to be kept current, plugins require updates, links may break, etc. These types of fixes are best done by a dedicated professional who truly understands what is “beneath the hood”.

Scheduling regular backups: Our team will work with your organization to determine the most practical backup system and to automate backups.

Domain and hosting renewals: Fionta can manage the renewal process or send reminders that services plans are nearing expiration.

Training: We provide phone and recorded screen-sharing training for staff who may be new to an organization or need a refresher on how to perform certain tasks.

We offer both fixed-price agreements with set monthly tasks or, if preferred, will address maintenance requests on an adhoc basis.