Creating a safe place for members to heal and support one another

Alliance for Safety and Justice is building a future in which all communities are “Just Safe.” It is a multi-state advocacy organization that combines smart policy reform with organizing and representing survivors, people with old records, and the organizations that serve them.

ASJ contracted with Fíonta to build an Experience Cloud portal catering to two of its core programs: Crime Survivors for Safety (CSSJ) and TimeDone. These initiatives offer assistance and community to both crime survivors and people with old records. The primary objective was to establish a secure, authenticated online platform, enabling program members to interact, support one another, and engage with program services to influence local, state, and national policies.

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I was deeply impressed with Fíonta’s skills, team, and dedication.
Nico Taranovsky
IT Director

ASJ prioritized the need for a robust member portal to address the challenge of disconnected data sources. They wanted a unified platform to leverage existing information about program participants and a way to empower participants to connect with each other and access resources.

Disconnected data sources

ASJ needed to unify existing information about program participants and empower them to connect and access resources.

Improving membership engagement

ASJ aimed to provide clear resources for joining and accessing support to enhance the overall member experience.

Fostering collaboration

Members required a platform to submit resources for sharing, fostering community collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Showcasing successes

ASJ needed a platform to highlight and celebrate legislative victories, enhancing community pride and engagement.

Fíonta focused on leveraging technology to improve member engagement, streamline operations, and provide a valuable experience for CSSJ and TimeDone members. We implemented Experience Cloud to facilitate member participation in local events, chapter meetings, and legislative organizations, offering a vibrant, branded, user-friendly portal filled with valuable tools and resources. ASJ will utilize Experience Cloud alongside Salesforce to automate interactions between members and ASJ program staff, providing staff with essential data on member activity and breaking down programmatic silos.

Integration with Salesforce

Experience Cloud automates member interactions and gathers valuable data about member activity.

Analysis and design

A UI/UX expert analyzed requirements and proposed brand and design elements to enhance the portal’s usability and appeal.

Personalized experiences

Automations dynamically assign audiences to members based on program data from Salesforce, allowing for scalable onboarding of more programs.

Branded CRM data

Lightning Web Components securely surface important CRM data to external users within the portal, improving accessibility and usability.

ASJ’s portal represents a significant step forward in improving member engagement and streamlining operations. To ensure a smooth transition and optimize the user experience, ASJ will grant access to a select group of participants as part of a pilot phase. This pilot is a testing ground to gather feedback, fine-tune features, and address any potential issues before opening access to the broader user base. By taking this measured approach, ASJ aims to maximize the portal’s adoption while ensuring a seamless experience for all users. This rollout demonstrates ASJ’s commitment to leveraging technology to better serve its members and further advance its mission.

Screenshots from within the ASJ member portal.

The ASJ member portal built on Experience Cloud allows participants a single destination to access relevant news and legislation updates and stay in contact with their chapter members.

Our resourcing team staffs each project with care. Team members involved in this initiative included the following:
Project manager

Steering all project facets like budget, schedule, scope, and risk management while collaborating with technical leads on risk handling, our project managers serve as the primary liaison with clients, offering frequent updates on project progress.

Technical architect

Senior strategic advisors who focus on business transformation with domain expertise in functional, platform, and integration architecture. Our technical architects articulate solutions and design trade-offs to clients, guide the delivery framework, and oversee complex solution design and development, ensuring technical integrity and soundness of the final product.

Technical lead

Leading project solution implementation and coordinating technical processes, our technical leads manage the design, build, internal QA, user acceptance testing, and deployment activities, thus ensuring timely, quality deliverables. Sometimes doubling as solution architects, they work closely with project managers to manage risks and serve as primary client contacts.

User Experience (UX) consultant

Focused on delivering meaningful and user-friendly experiences, our UX Consultants engage users early, prioritizing their needs and goals to ensure systems are both requirement-compliant and valuable to the end user.

User Interface (UI) designer

Transforming technical specifications into visually engaging web interfaces, our UI Designers collaborate with developers and UX consultants to ensure designs meet requirements, align with project scope, adhere to accessibility standards, and embody the organization’s brand identity.

Configuration specialist

Specializing in Salesforce and associated systems, our experts configure client instances following technical leads’ solutions, focusing on building functionality.