Maximizing nonprofit impact through technology

Nonprofits have unique needs and challenges, and at Fíonta, we understand the importance of providing tailored solutions to help them achieve their goals. Our expertise in Salesforce, Nonprofit Cloud, UX/UI, and web development allows us to offer a range of services to help nonprofits streamline their operations, engage supporters, and drive impact.

Pain points

Limited donation management

Nonprofits often struggle with an incomplete and fragmented donor list, resulting in missed opportunities for giving more or in a different capacity.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers a comprehensive donor management system that tracks donor interactions, donation history, and communication preferences. It enables personalized communication and targeted campaigns, leading to improved donor relationships and increased quantity and quality of donations.

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Scattershot fundraising

Nonprofits often struggle to identify and target potential donors interested in their cause.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud’s AI-powered analytics and segmentation capabilities help identify donor preferences, behavior patterns, and giving history. This enables nonprofits to create personalized fundraising campaigns and connect with suitable donors, maximizing fundraising success.

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Manual and fragmented data handling

Nonprofits often have data scattered across various platforms and manual data entry processes, leading to inefficiency and inaccuracy. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud centralizes all data, providing a unified view of donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and campaigns. It provides automated data entry via batch gift entry and third-party application integrations and offers customizable reports and dashboards, allowing nonprofits to make data-driven decisions.

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Ineffective volunteer management

Managing volunteers and their schedules and tracking their contributions can be challenging for nonprofits. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud includes tools for volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and performance tracking. It helps match volunteers with suitable opportunities, streamlines communication, and recognizes their efforts, increasing volunteer engagement and retention.

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Limited program visibility and impact measurement

Nonprofits may need help tracking and communicating their programs’ impact to stakeholders.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers tools to monitor program outcomes, track progress against goals, and generate real-time impact reports. This data can be shared with donors, grantors, and the public, enhancing transparency and building trust.

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Inefficient supporter communication

Nonprofits need more effective communication strategies to engage supporters and beneficiaries effectively. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers multichannel communication capabilities, including email marketing, social media integration, and mobile engagement. It enables targeted messaging and personalized communication to foster meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

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Complex grant management

Nonprofits often face challenges in managing grant applications, reporting, and compliance.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud streamlines the grant management process, from application to reporting. It provides a centralized platform to track grant lifecycles, deadlines, and financials, ensuring compliance and efficient grant administration.

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Limited collaboration and visibility

Nonprofit teams may struggle to collaborate and share information efficiently. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides a collaborative platform, allowing teams to share data, documents, and insights in real-time, fostering better teamwork, coordination, and decision-making within the organization.

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Security and compliance concerns

Nonprofits handle sensitive donor and beneficiary data, making data security and compliance vital.
Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud prioritizes data security and compliance with industry-leading measures. It ensures that data is protected and organizations can maintain compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

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Accelerators for nonprofits


Fundraising Accelerator with Classy

With this quick and easy implementation service, you’ll receive a tailored setup, expert guidance, and even shadowing sessions from a top-level expert who knows Salesforce and Classy better than anyone.

Nonprofit projects


Enhancing the quality of life for millions, one donation at a time

The Amputee Coalition (AC) is the nation’s leading organization on limb loss. AC is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families, improving patient care, and preventing limb loss. With the generous support of the public, they are helping amputees live well with limb loss, raising awareness about limb loss prevention, and ensuring amputees have a voice in matters affecting their ability to live full, thriving lives. AC engaged Fíonta to upgrade their 12-year-old Salesforce instance, which no longer served their needs efficiently. Visit website
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Creating a modern online presence

For over 80 years, the Tax Foundation’s mission has been to improve lives through tax policies that lead to greater economic growth and opportunity. The Tax Foundation engaged Fíonta to design and rebuild its website to enhance user experience, streamline content management, and create a modern, cohesive, and assertive online presence. Visit website
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Migrating multiple systems to unify supporter data

The Norman Rockwell Museum (NRM), located in Stockbridge, MA, is dedicated to the art of Norman Rockwell and boasts the world’s most extensive collection of original Rockwell art. NRM was challenged by multiple outdated systems that needed streamlining. The project’s foundation involved integrating Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) with ACME ticketing system to create a unified view of customers, members, and donors. Fíonta’s ongoing work with NRM involves implementing and customizing Experience Cloud, allowing museum members and donors to manage their gifts and memberships conveniently. In the next phase of our collaboration, Fíonta will help NRM develop solutions for managing events, e-commerce, point of sale, and financial operations. Visit website
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What our clients are saying

I wanted to wait until we presented the website to senior staff to get back to you. We presented on Wednesday and the site received excellent reviews!! Everyone is really excited  to get started using this as a tool. Energy Efficiency for All
Seriously, I have never worked with a more committed vendor. Big love from Seneca Park Zoo Society for the Fíonta crew. Seneca Park Zoo
Not having an in-house Salesforce Administrator can have its challenges, but Fíonta provides the guidance and support we need to meet our goals effectively while seeking continuous process improvement. Even when budgets are tight, this is one line item I will always fight for. Thurgood Marshall College Fund
They always responded quickly, and made the changes we requested way faster than I expected. They were smart and offered insights into Salesforce configuration and use based on our needs. Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards
Fíonta helped my organization migrate all our data to Salesforce and customize the platform for our small development shop. They were on-time, on budget, and very professional. I highly recommend them to any nonprofit getting started on Salesforce – or those with need ongoing support in customizing and using the platform. Earthworks
Our consultant asked the right questions to ensure we were always tackling and prioritizing a critical problem, and often gave us options and a heads-up regarding potential project overruns and unexpected areas when there wasn’t enough information to forecast issues more precisely. We LOVE working with them and plan on engaging them further. Innovations for Poverty Action