Streamlining grantmaking processes

The International Sustainable Energy Foundation (ISEF) promotes an environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly world by supporting actions that contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Its work includes creating access for development, adaptation, air quality, climate finance, cities and urban planning, decarbonization, equitable transition, land use, low-carbon development, resilience, smart agriculture, sustainable energy policies, water, and more, all within a sustainable development paradigm.

ISEF came to Fíonta looking for a system to manage their grantmaking and a desire to connect traditional grantmaking endeavors back to the source funds tracked through donations and grants, robust reporting, an online grant portal, and automatic generation of award letters.

Working with Fíonta was a true pleasure. Our partners were communicative and kind and patient. It was an enjoyable process.

ISEF sought an all-in-one platform to bridge the gap between fundraising and grantmaking. As a re-granting organization, ISEF needed a platform where they could simply track grant applications, awards, and disbursements alongside the funds that they raised to support those grants.

Tracking currencies

ISEF works with grantees in various countries with multiple currencies and was unable to track changing exchange rates easily.

Outdated process

Tracking grant applications, reporting deadlines, and disbursement schedules were done in Excel, which caused inefficient data collection and management.

No online application process

Grantees were unable to submit or track their applications online.

Fíonta worked with the ISEF team to implement a series of customized versions of Salesforce Grants Management tool, a grantee portal, and Award Letter document merge functionality alongside standard Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) fundraising.


Automatic award letters

In order to generate accurate award letters and information about grants, budgets, and disbursement, Conga Composer and Conga Sign was implemented.


Fíonta built filterable dashboards so that ISEF staff can, at a glance, get an extensive picture summary of all of their fundraising and grantmaking activities.

Grantee portal

The new grantmaking portal enabled ISEF to offer online application submission, share grant status, submit quarterly reports, and send due diligence documents and requirements. Additionally, we set up automatic email deadline reminders and progress updates to grantees to streamline the notification process and reduce manual outreach.

Since the implementation of the new system, the team has been able to establish and maintain communication with partners at an earlier stage in the grant application process, while also keeping track of all correspondences. This has enabled ISEF to gain a deeper understanding of the grantors and grantees, and provide comprehensive support throughout the application process. Moreover, the system has proven to be incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone involved.

ISEF portal landing page and login screen

Consistent branding between the website and ISEF portal creates a seamless experience for the grantee.


ISEF can now easily get a summary of grantee submissions, including sector, initiative, and funding totals.

Using Salesforce Experience Cloud, access to all funding requests appear in one place and can be sorted and tracked. The data can also easily be exported for reporting or added to Salesforce dashboards.


Our resourcing team staffs each project with care. Team members involved in this initiative included the following:
Functional consultant

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Solutions success manager (SSM)

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