In addition to working with great clients, we’ve developed a culture-by-design that emphasizes our fundamental core values and gives our team members autonomy to make decisions and do the right thing.

Core Values

  • Assume positive intent
  • Do what’s right, even when difficult
  • Meet people and organizations where they are
  • Be conscientious
  • Always be improving

We are looking for great people who love implementing solutions that make a difference in the world. We like solving hard problems, and we celebrate team successes and share appreciation. Your skills and experience get our attention, but we will hire you based on your attitude, aptitude, and “culture add”. You’ll join a smart, diverse, and fun team that welcomes new people who can help us improve. We support your personal and professional growth and your career trajectory at Fíonta is limited only by you!

Our Principles

Fíonta values a diversity of beliefs. We are a majority-woman, progressive firm, dedicated to using the power of technology as a force for good. The company stands behind these principles and we believe:

  • In democracy
  • In science
  • In the separation of church and state
  • In anti-discrimination in all areas of life based on race, sex, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identification
  • That too many children and innocent people have died because of guns. We support changes to our gun safety laws to keep everyone safe from harm.
  • Individuals have a right to bodily autonomy – including reproductive rights

Fíonta values diversity, inclusivity, and equity. Our goal is a workplace where all team members feel valued, respected, and heard – one where we offer equal opportunity for employment and advancement to all, no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, or disability.