Combat ineffective volunteer management with Nonprofit Cloud

Managing volunteers and their schedules and tracking their contributions can be challenging for nonprofits.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud includes tools for volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and performance tracking. It helps match volunteers with suitable opportunities, streamlines communication and recognizes their efforts, increasing volunteer engagement and retention.

Keeping volunteers engaged and expanding the number and quality of your volunteer base allows nonprofits to capitalize on the skills and passions of their supporters. Volunteer management is a challenge for many nonprofits and, in many cases, is siloed outside their donor database. Fíonta will work with your organization to provide strategic guidance, implement best practices, and leverage best-in-class technology to improve your volunteer experience.


Our consultants will conduct discovery to understand your current volunteer management process and identify pain points, process gaps, and areas of improvement. Our assessment recommends an approach and system that leverages what works well and improves your existing process.

We will customize and integrate existing tools like Volunteers4Salesforce, FormAssembly, and Salesforce Experience Cloud to ensure your technology stack meets your nonprofit’s specific needs. We will leverage Salesforce’s process automation technology to reduce the amount of manual work required to manage and expand your volunteer base.

Accelerators for nonprofits


Fundraising Accelerator with Classy

With this quick and easy implementation service, you’ll receive a tailored setup, expert guidance, and even shadowing sessions from a top-level expert who knows Salesforce and Classy better than anyone.