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Manage your volunteers with Volunteers for Salesforce

Nonprofit volunteers power the invaluable work these organizations do to serve communities. Effective volunteer management allows you to create strategies for delivering services and engaging supporters. 

However, managing volunteers without the right tools in place can often feel like herding cats. Instead, nonprofits can revitalize volunteer programs with a more organized approach. For nonprofits using the Salesforce CRM, there is an easy solution: Volunteers for Salesforce.

What is Volunteers for Salesforce?

Salesforce’s core product for nonprofits, Nonprofit Cloud, provides nonprofits with comprehensive case and program management tools. However, it lacks a volunteer management component. 

Volunteers for Salesforce is an app that integrates into an organization’s Salesforce instance. Once configured, Volunteers for Salesforce enables nonprofit organizations to manage their volunteer programs at scale and through a user-friendly interface.

Is Volunteers for Salesforce Free?

Yes, Volunteers for Salesforce is free. Nonprofits with a custom Salesforce system may need to partner with a developer to complete the implementation process successfully.

What features does Volunteers for Salesforce have?

Volunteers for Salesforce allows nonprofits to create a comprehensive volunteer database. This can be used to track volunteers’ skillsets, availability, location, and other data your staff may need to search for when creating volunteer assignments or reaching out to volunteers. 

In addition to this database, Volunteers for Salesforce provides other features, such as:

  • Volunteer sign-ups. Integrate your website and Salesforce CRM and use Volunteers for Salesforce to create volunteer job listings on your website. Volunteers can then apply for these job listings through Volunteers for Salesforce’s signup tool and have their data automatically synced with your CRM. 
  • Scheduling. Volunteers for Salesforce allows users to create recurring jobs and manage them with the volunteer shift calendar, which provides a comprehensive overview of all jobs created for that period of time. You can also track and mass edit volunteer hours to reconcile these hours after activities and events. 
  • Communication. Create custom mass emails to send your volunteers. With each volunteer’s information stored in your database, you can easily reach out to specific volunteers based on their location, skills, interests, or other factors. 

All the information collected through Volunteers for Salesforce will be stored in your CRM. This allows your staff to easily measure volunteer efforts and include their contributions in campaign assessments, enabling you to determine your volunteer program’s ROI and plan future events.

Through its emphasis on scalability and efficiency, Volunteers for Salesforce is equipped to aid nonprofits in managing and growing their volunteer efforts long-term.

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