User Experience and Design

Our user experience and design processes focus on increasing your organization’s impact through tangible, quantifiable improvements.

Whether your organization needs a complete website overhaul, or just a design refresh, Fíonta’s human-centered approach grounds each project in real-world outcomes. We start by exploring two questions: what are your users trying to accomplish on your site, and what are your organization‘s goals for your users? Wherever possible, we answer these questions with data, whether from direct audience interviews, existing Google Analytics reports, or testing new concepts and prototypes with your users.

The outcomes of these activities form a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which the new user experience can be evaluated against, and which can be used as a basis of further optimizing your organization’s efforts over time.

The result? You can quantify the value of UX and design decisions by measuring changes in signups, actions taken, donations given, or any other metric meaningful to your organization.