Search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics

Our integrated digital strategy offering combines expert SEO services with comprehensive web analytics consulting to drive your organization’s online success.

Our SEO experts collaborate with your team to optimize page tagging, site setup, and content creation, strategically utilizing high-value search terms. Simultaneously, our web analytics consulting aligns your strategic goals with site performance indicators.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Our SEO experts review current search engine optimization page tagging and general setup and work with your organization to discuss pain points and needs. We then recommend an SEO plan for the new site, ensuring that your desired key performance indicators are easy to generate in a format appropriate for management to understand as input to decision-making. From there, we guide content creation and use of taxonomy to ensure the high-value search terms are strategically utilized throughout the site.

Web analytics consulting

Our web analytics consulting aligns organizational strategic goals with key performance indicators for site performance and helps you design personalized long-term site metrics. Additionally, we build a technical plan for setting up Google Tag Manager (GTM) to measure outcomes in alignment with key performance indicators and the new site structure. We continue our support by holding regular reviews to ensure the organization uses data to make continuous improvements and inform its strategic decisions.