Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud provides pre-built customizable applications for managing programs and cases, grant and fund management, fundraising and donor management, and more.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides customizable applications designed to make nonprofits more efficient.

NPC is built on Salesforce core, meaning organizations can take advantage of billions of dollars of research and development, leading to new purpose-built features and functionality three times a year, allowing the system to grow and scale alongside your organization.

Program and case management

Nonprofit Cloud helps you measure and analyze your impact. It enables you to track program progress against key performance indicators to evaluate success and generate reports and visualizations to demonstrate your impact to stakeholders, donors, and grantmakers. It provides the ability to structure individualized case plans to outline goals, strategies, and actions, allowing you to leverage data to identify individuals who need more attention and the means to do outreach to support those efforts.

Fundraising and donor management

Nonprofit Cloud’s fundraising and donor management application is a best-in-class solution for tracking prospects, donors, board members, and event attendees. Nonprofit Cloud allows you to track interactions, outstanding pledges, and different types of gifts and facilitates the moves management process by leveraging pre-built reports and data visualizations. NPC has an open API, which means you can use integrated apps for wealth screening, online donations, and automated acknowledgment letter generation. This allows your team to focus on activities that generate more dollars to support your mission.

Grantmaking and fund management

Nonprofit Cloud helps you manage grants and funding processes. It provides tools to standardize and enhance the grant application process, fund disbursement, and grant reporting. You can leverage the platform to monitor the financial health of your organization by generating real-time financial reports. The system provides a line of sight into the entire life cycle of organization activities.

Volunteer management

Leveraging Volunteers4Salesforce allows you to engage, facilitate matching, and report on volunteering activities. Volunteers4Salesforce can be leveraged from within Experience Cloud, allowing your volunteers or prospective volunteers to use their skills to find the best fit for volunteer opportunities. It also allows you to engage with your volunteers in real time.