Limited program visibility and impact measurement

Nonprofits may need help tracking and communicating their programs’ impact to stakeholders.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers tools to monitor program outcomes, track progress against goals, and generate real-time impact reports. This data can be shared with donors, grantors, and the public, enhancing transparency and building trust.


Our team of consultants will work with your organization to undertake a thorough discovery, interviewing your program teams and documenting pain points, processes, and process improvements. We will work with your team to prioritize and focus on delivering the most impactful changes to your processes and systems. The team will customize the Salesforce Program Management application (NPC or PMM) to ensure that you can capture key metrics and outcomes relevant to your programs. This task may include creating custom fields, objects, reports, and automations tailored to specific impact indicators.

Impact reporting

Amp Impact, a Vera Solutions product,  extends the Salesforce platform to provide a 360-degree view of portfolio impact and gives grantmakers access to the data they need to break down data silos and improve program effectiveness. For our grantmaking nonprofit clients, our team can recommend and implement Amp Impact to support impact reporting. 

Data migration and integration

Our team of dedicated data architects can migrate data from multiple sources. Our experience with third-party applications like FormAssembly or FormStack allows us to leverage best-in-class tools to pass data from the web or offline into your new system.

Our team consists of a deep bench of consultants certified in Salesforce Experience Cloud and OmniStudio, and our digital services practice is adept at integrating Salesforce with open-source content management systems like WordPress or Drupal.


Our team of consultants will work with you to define measurable outcomes and indicators for your programs and ensure that you can collect data that directly reflects the success and effectiveness of your initiatives.

We have in-house data analytics experts who will work with you to set up real-time tracking of impact metrics using Salesforce’s analytics capabilities and allowing stakeholders to access the most up-to-date information, enhancing transparency and accountability. Like segmenting donor data, impact data can be categorized by program, location, beneficiary demographics, and more. Our team can help design and build a system that allows stakeholders to view impact data in multiple ways.

Accelerators for nonprofits


Fundraising Accelerator with Classy

With this quick and easy implementation service, you’ll receive a tailored setup, expert guidance, and even shadowing sessions from a top-level expert who knows Salesforce and Classy better than anyone.