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Revitalizing the American Studies Association’s website

The American Studies Association (ASA) is a scholarly organization founded in 1951. It is the oldest scholarly organization devoted to the interdisciplinary study of US culture and history.

Fíonta conducted an intensive, onsite discovery session with ASA and their press partner, Johns Hopkins University Press, to completely redesign and develop the ASA website.

Led by a project manager with a background in American Studies, Fíonta worked closely with ASA to create a fresh and modern online platform that represents the association’s diversity and serves as a year-round gathering space for members.

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ASA aimed to address outdated design and mobile-friendliness issues on their website, enhance the annual meeting experience for members, and create a unified online platform for better management of communities and committees.

Outdated design and lack of mobile-friendliness

The previous website lacked modern aesthetics and responsive design, hindering the user experience, especially on mobile devices. ASA sought a visually appealing and mobile-friendly website to meet the expectations of its tech-savvy membership.

Enhanced annual meeting experience

ASA members heavily relied on the meeting app for scheduling, indicating a need for an improved online experience for the Annual Meeting. ASA aimed to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that would integrate the Annual Meeting seamlessly with the rest of the website.

Disjointed communities and committees

The existing website posed technical difficulties in managing communities and committees, resulting in disjointed experiences and the need for external mini-sites. ASA desired a cohesive online platform that would unite different groups and provide seamless functionality for committees.

This project began by embedding a UX specialist at ASA’s annual conference. A select group of members were interviewed, and we began gathering requirements directly from the end users. The website redesign leveraged the Drupal 7 content management system (CMS) to provide flexibility and scalability in managing content and user accounts.

Fíonta designed and implemented multiple custom templates to ensure a visually appealing and consistent experience throughout the website, including three templates specifically for the Annual Meeting.

Integrating a user-friendly jobs and fellowships board allowed easy management and access to relevant opportunities. ASA members can now submit and review calls for papers directly on the website, streamlining the process and fostering member engagement.

A dedicated members-only section and user accounts offer exclusive resources, forums, and networking opportunities while enabling personalized experiences and streamlined access to member-specific content.

ASA website

Facilitating digital connection to meet diversity standards

The integrated jobs and fellowships listings call for paper submissions, and members-only sections enhance engagement and facilitate communication among ASA members. By revitalizing its online presence, ASA has embraced a fresh digital platform representing its diverse community.

Modernizing ASA web presence

The collaboration between Fíonta and ASA resulted in a successful website redesign that met the association’s goals. The new Drupal-based platform offers a modern design, mobile responsiveness, and a seamless experience for the Annual Meeting and throughout the year.

Using Drupal 7 and taking advantage of the many customized templates designed by Fíonta has allowed the American Studies Association to communicate at scale with its member base. Improvements to the Annual Meeting online experience directly contributes to greater website usage and brings together previously technically siloed groups. The Jobs and Fellowships board is easy to use, both as an administrator and a job seeker.


Our resourcing team staffs each project with care. Team members involved in this initiative included the following:
Project manager

Steering all project facets like budget, schedule, scope, and risk management while collaborating with technical leads on risk handling, our project managers serve as the primary liaison with clients, offering frequent updates on project progress.

Drupal developer

Skilled at Drupal CMS, our developer adeptly configures, develops, and styles websites, translating designs into new functionalities with expertise in coding languages, customizing modules, and crafting custom code as needed.

User Experience (UX) consultant

Focused on delivering meaningful and user-friendly experiences, our UX Consultants engage users early, prioritizing their needs and goals to ensure systems are both requirement-compliant and valuable to the end user.

User Interface (UI) designer

Transforming technical specifications into visually engaging web interfaces, our UI Designers collaborate with developers and UX consultants to ensure designs meet requirements, align with project scope, adhere to accessibility standards, and embody the organization’s brand identity.