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All About...Salesforce: June 2022

Hello and welcome to this month’s installment of All About Salesforce. In this issue, I’ll highlight recent work completed for an inspiring nonprofit organization, recap some of the best of this year’s Nonprofit Summit, announce a change to the Nonprofit Cloud licensure, showcase an innovative use of CRM Analytics, and provide a link to my colleague’s excellent webinar on Salesforce’s Grants Management Module!


OUR WORK: Delivering real-time information to immigrants

I love when I get to highlight the transformative power of the Salesforce platform, especially when it is used in a unique way and provides immediate impact. Hola Asistente is a text-based application built for, and with, Mobile Pathways that helps immigrants navigate the cumbersome and complex United States immigration process. If you don’t have direct experience with the immigration process, it may surprise you to learn that court dates can change at any time – it is not unheard of for a court date several months in the future to be rescheduled for the following week. If an immigrant misses a court date, even through no fault of their own, their case will be decided by default, and they will be deported from the United States.

At the heart of Hola Asistente is Salesforce and data. Immigrant and hearing data is stored in the Salesforce CRM platform. We built processes that access government resources and feed updated hearing data back into Salesforce. 

Fíonta focused on automatically and flexibly retrieving and organizing the data, allowing Mobile Pathways to concentrate on the rest of Hola Asistente. User intake, outbound communications, status dashboards, and more were built by Mobile Pathways using native Salesforce declarative tools and integrations with other platforms, including Twilio. I encourage you to read this blog written by my colleague, Elliott Mina, about the project and to share Hola Asistente with your network and community.

RESOURCES:  Nonprofit Summit

The Nonprofit Summit was held virtually again this year, and as always, the content was both relevant for our clients and for our staff. There was a ton of content but for our human services clients, there were some great sessions on Salesforce’s Program Management and Case Management Modules. One of my favorites was The Power of Technology to Deliver Support to High-Risk Communities featuring the Norwegian Refugee Council. You can catch up on that session and more in the Continue Learning section of the Nonprofit Summit website.


Earlier this year, announced a new license type for nonprofits, the Nonprofit Cloud license. This new license provides nonprofits with access to Sales and Service, the nonprofit data models: Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Program Management Module, and Outbound Funds Module, as well as Einstein for Nonprofits, Insights Platform Data Integrity, and Accounting Subledger Starter. This new license is now available for existing Salesforce customers. If you have questions about this license and how your organization can benefit, please contact me for more information.


My colleagues are killing it with both their contributions to the company and their commitments to bettering the world and making an impact. David Manuel recently finished his fourth AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles (545 miles!) and raised over $7,000 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. He used NPSP to manage donations and developed an integration between AIDS/LifeCycle’s donation data and Salesforce. As he mapped out his training, he realized that he would be generating quite a bit of data from other sources as well – his bike GPS, Strava, at-home workouts, and more. He brought all of this data, plus fundraising numbers into a visual dashboard using CRM Analytics (previously known as Tableau). This blog describes in technical detail the process and tools used and there’s a link to his live dashboard.

WEBINAR: Let’s talk about grants management

In May, my colleague, Cooper Westbrook hosted a webinar for grantmaking organizations called Let’s Talk About Grants Management. In addition to being extremely entertaining, the webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the Grants Management module which allows foundations and nonprofits to manage, track, and report across the entire grant lifecycle.