Life at Fionta

Remote-first ≠ people last

Remote-first employment

What do you think of when you learn a company is remote-first? Do you picture employees scattered across the country or the world who have trouble connecting and never see each other in person? Or do you see the potential for a team of diverse talents and life experiences that help each other grow as individuals?

Fíonta sees the latter. We do not limit our hiring to specific cities or states, which allows us to focus on finding individuals who fit on paper and blend in seamlessly with our company culture. And no, remote-first isn’t our company culture; it’s people first. So, what’s the difference?

Fíonta’s core values

  • Assume positive intent
  • Do what’s right, even when difficult
  • Meet people and organizations where they are
  • Be conscientious
  • Always be improving

Fíontans embody these values at home and work, which makes gathering outside of company functions and building friendships effortless. When you genuinely like the people you work with, joining each other for life’s big and little moments is a joy.

Remote-first means people-first

Whether a team member is riding their bike across the state of California to raise funds for the AIDS/LifeCycle and you’re at the finish line to congratulate them, or you are traveling somewhere new and a local Fíontan meets up to show you around town. We’re not a family, but we are friends and humans with lives outside of work.