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Salesforce Spring '24 release

Enhancing nonprofit operations with new features

Salesforce’s commitment to continual improvement is evident in its triannual releases, offering fresh features and updates for organizations. The Spring ’24 release is underway, with updates scheduled for January 12, February 2, or February 9, 2024, depending on the organization. You can find out when your instance will be updated by visiting the Salesforce Trust Maintenance page. This release offers myriad enhancements, particularly beneficial for Nonprofit Cloud (NPC) users and those utilizing Experience Cloud, Flow Builder, and Dynamic Forms. For comprehensive details, Salesforce Help offers complete Spring ‘24 Release Notes.

Spring ‘24 highlights for Nonprofit Cloud

Enhanced gift transaction management

This update revolutionizes how nonprofits can handle gift transactions. Organizations can now split gift transaction amounts across multiple campaigns, enabling them to track the original and subsequent campaigns that influence donor contributions, particularly for recurring gifts. Read notes.

Advanced payment data tracking

The new release enhances the capability to record comprehensive payment details, such as transaction fees, credit card expiration dates, and gateway specifics. This precision aids nonprofits in managing their finances more effectively. Read notes.

Streamlined CSV import

Data management is simplified with the CSV Data Management feature, allowing direct data import into Nonprofit and other Clouds, eliminating the need for external tools like Data Loader or Read notes.

Outreach source code URLs

Auto-generating unique source code URLs empowers fundraisers with precise insights into which online fundraising efforts are most successful. Read notes.

Expanded Experience Cloud capabilities

Nonprofits using Experience Cloud will benefit from expanded access and update permissions for Program and Case Management objects, facilitating more efficient collaboration. Read notes.

Grantmaking enhancements

Improvements in grantmaking, especially tied to Experience Cloud, streamline the application process and collaboration for grant applicants. Additional features include budget variance tracking and the creation of exclusive grant funding opportunities. Read notes.

Outcome management updates

Outcome management now offers automated calculation of indicator results for real-time goal progress insights. This feature is also available on Experience Cloud sites for sharing with grantees and collaborators. Read notes.

Easier integration with fundraising platforms

The Business Process API simplifies third-party integration, enhancing the synchronization of online donation data with Nonprofit Cloud. Read notes.

New and updated Objects in NPC

The release introduces new Objects like the Payment Instrument Object and adds new fields to existing Objects including gateway, processors, and credit card information to improve financial management capabilities. Read notes.

Common features across Industry Clouds

Additional features include Actionable Segmentation, Data Processing Engine, and Timeline and Action Launcher updates applicable to Nonprofit Cloud and other Industry Clouds. Read notes.

Flow Builder enhancements

Significant updates to Flow Builder include a new Repeater component for screen flows that can collect the same information multiple times, enhancements to the Transform element which include the ability to sum or count items in collections and map the transformed data to a target. Lastly, expect improved data validation to minimize entry errors, including Name, Address, and Data Table. Read notes.

Ideas delivered in Spring ’24

Change history panel in Experience Builder

A community-suggested feature, the Change History Panel in Experience Builder, now tracks site updates, providing a comprehensive history of changes. Read notes.

Dynamic forms flexibility

Another community-driven enhancement is the ability to add fields from related objects to dynamic forms-enabled pages, allowing deeper data integration without complex workarounds. Read notes.

Salesforce-wide update

MFA default enforcement from April 2024

Finally, enforcing Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for Salesforce logins will become a default setting from April 8, 2024. While not applicable to Sandboxes and trial orgs, users must set up an MFA verification method to prepare for this change. Read notes.

Each of these updates in the Spring ’24 release offers nonprofits enhanced capabilities to manage their operations more efficiently and effectively, leveraging the power of the evolving Salesforce ecosystem.