Technology planning

On-demand webinar: The future of technology for nonprofits and associations


Learn technology innovation applicable to nonprofits and associations and gain a perspective on what kinds of technological innovations of specific interest may be arriving and their relevance to associations and other nonprofits. Spark your imagination on how organizations’ operations might be dramatically altered by advances in technology.

This entertaining presentation provides perspective on the future of technology from the perspective of the past and tips on how to evaluate and when to consider implementing technological advances.

Attendees will leave with a new appreciation for the awesome power of technology innovation, the speed with which it spreads, and the dark underbelly. They will learn what kinds of capabilities are likely to become nonprofit and association-ready in the near-term, and how / when to evaluate new technologies critically and from the perspective of history. Lastly, attendees will learn where advances in technology present real risks to their nonprofit or association.

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