Advanced Communities

Our partnership with Advanced Communities

Advanced Communities

Fíonta and Advanced Communities equip associations, big or small, with the tools they require to foster engagement, streamline operations, and enhance overall member experiences. Coupled with the capabilities of the Fionta Association Accelerator, our alliance with Advanced Communities ensures that our clients benefit from a solution that is both scalable and customizable to their unique challenges.

MemberSmart’s product offerings

Membersmart by Advanced Communities is an innovative product that capitalizes on standard Salesforce objects to offer an array of services:

  1. Comprehensive member portals: Membersmart’s portal design has an intuitive interface, allowing members to access information, communicate, and participate in events easily.
  2. Membership management: The platform automates member registration, renewals, and other key membership processes. Its capabilities ensure a smooth, streamlined experience for members and their associations.
  3. Event management: Membersmart simplifies the complexities of event organization. Every aspect is covered, from registration to attendance tracking and post-event feedback.
  4. Integrated Salesforce Objects: Building on Salesforce functionality, Membersmart ensures that data is consistent, secure, and easily accessible. This Salesforce integration ensures the platform can easily be extended or integrated with other systems.
  5. Customizable features: Membersmart offers a range of customization options from branding to workflows or modules so that associations can mold the platform to their preferences.
  6. Collaborative capabilities: The platform promotes engagement and interaction. Features like forums, message boards, and event calendars foster a sense of community among members.

Expanding horizons with Advanced Communities

With the power of Salesforce and the specialization of Membersmart, we can offer a solution that addresses immediate needs and anticipates future challenges. From basic membership functions to intricate customizations for larger associations, our partnership ensures that every association, irrespective of its scale or complexity, has the tools to thrive and deliver unparalleled value to its members.

Accent’s ongoing support for Salesforce clients

Our dedicated team of Salesforce Solutions Success Managers specializes in strategic ongoing support and tailors your journey to meet your needs as we maximize your investment in Salesforce together. As a certified Salesforce services partner, Fíonta has privileged access to support escalation and ongoing professional development, ensuring our service quality remains unparalleled.

Through Accent – Fíonta’s managed services practice – we ensure that Salesforce clients receive ongoing, dedicated, and strategic support. Here’s how Accent amplifies the value proposition:

  1. Continuous engagement: We are invested in your long-term success and plan for support after every technology implementation. 
  2. Right-sized support packages: Understanding that each association has unique needs, Accent offers complexity-based support packages. 
  3. Training & skill development: Accent provides training sessions and resources to upskill your team to ensure associations make the most of the investment in Salesforce.
  4. Dedicated support desk: A dedicated Solution Success Manager (SSM) ensures that our expert team promptly addresses any queries, issues, or challenges clients face and sticks with you as long as you’re with us.