Daniel Ducharme
Senior Salesforce Consultant
Washington, DC

Daniel Ducharme

Daniel has worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for national nonprofits for over seven years. Before finding his way to nonprofits and technology, Daniel worked in various jobs and industries, including the oil fields of North Dakota, driving a compost truck in downtown DC and serving as a private school admissions officer. He knew he’d found his calling once he joined his first nonprofit fundraising team. Technology was a natural path toward greater impact, given Daniel’s earnest curiosity and passion for the work of mission-driven organizations.

Daniel is a certified Salesforce Administrator, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, certified ScrumMaster, and certified Product Owner with a background in fundraising.

Daniel was born and raised in the very coldest part of the US on the border with Canada and moved to DC to be where it’s happening. He is a dad, husband, and lover of dozens of hobbies, including great espresso, running, sci-fi literature, theater, cycling, leatherworking, old home renovation, and agile@home. If Daniel had to boil everything down to one phrase, he’d say, “Be curious.”

Salesforce Certified Administrator
Insights by Daniel Ducharme

You have worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for nonprofits for over seven years. What is your biggest takeaway? There are many takeaways, but if I had to pick the biggest one, I would summarize it like this: “The answer is always ‘Yes, we can do that.’ But the more important question is, ‘Should we do […]