Hassan Elhassan
Senior Front End Developer
Washington, DC

Hassan Elhassan


Hassan is a senior front-end web developer with over eight years of experience in the web development field. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology (Web Development) and a minor in Business from George Mason University, he has worked on various projects based on ideas, themes, wireframes, designs, existing foundations, and from scratch. Hassan is a passionate and perfecting developer, who cares deeply about implementing web standards and ensuring optimal user experiences across all devices. You will regularly find Hassan utilizing HTML, CSS, SCSS, Grunt, Gulp, JavaScript, jQuery, GIT,  and working in WordPress, Drupal,  or Joomla.

Hassan loves to play soccer, listen to music, and travel all around the world.

Insights by Hassan Elhassan

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Hassan, you’re an “oldie” here at Fíonta – you were hired in 2015! Tell me about how you came on board. I can’t believe it’s been that long! Lots of great memories. It all started with Deborah. We worked together for about a year at my previous employer. She told me Fíonta (back then Confluence) […]


Last week we talked about using the right tool for the right job, the differences (and overlaps) between Drupal and WordPress, and the costs of choosing the wrong content management system. We’ll pick up with how to choose the right content management system (CMS) for your organization. Take stock of your organization and its needs […]