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Modernizing marketing for better member engagement

The American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) is a membership organization that promotes excellence and engagement in the choral arts. ACDA provides a wealth of benefits to its members, including professional development and networking opportunities, choral repertoire, publications, awards and competitions, a career center, and more.

To enhance their services and accommodate their growing membership, ACDA migrated to Fonteva, built on the Salesforce platform. Because their existing email management solutions were outdated and no longer met their needs, ACDA sought a marketing automation solution that could integrate seamlessly with Fonteva, provide additional features, offer ease of use, and automate workflows. Fíonta collaborated with ACDA to implement Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) to address these requirements.

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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) has been really helpful in terms of the automated emails, engagement paths, and one-on-one emails we could set up for routine requests.

ACDA’s legacy email management system inadequately scaled with their needs as they looked to develop a more robust marketing automation strategy to engage expanding members.

ACDA also needed a platform that seamlessly integrates with their newly implemented Fonteva AMS. Additionally, they wanted to develop branded email templates and marketing assets to enhance their communication efforts.

Inadequate legacy email management system

ACDA faced significant challenges with its existing email management systems. The legacy solutions that had served them in the past were no longer capable of meeting their expanding needs. ACDA recognized the need for a more advanced marketing automation solution to address their evolving requirements effectively.

Integration challenge: aligning with Salesforce-based AMS

After migrating to Fonteva, ACDA sought a marketing automation solution to integrate seamlessly with their newly implemented AMS. They desired a cohesive system to consolidate their data and streamline their operations. ACDA aimed to enhance its overall efficiency by leveraging the power of integration and synchronization between its marketing automation solution and Fonteva.

Streamlining list segmentation and automation

ACDA had specific objectives in mind for their marketing automation solution. They needed to accurately and easily segment their member lists to deliver more personalized and targeted communications, and they wanted to capture additional information about user preferences to tailor their offerings effectively. Automation was a key priority for ACDA, as they sought to maximize efficiency in processes like member onboarding journeys and membership renewal reminders.

Fíonta conducted a comprehensive discovery phase, working closely with ACDA staff and stakeholders to understand their existing systems, data, and business processes. This tailored approach ensured that the implementation of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE) was user-friendly and met the organization’s specific requirements, saving time and resources while also providing a better experience for their members.

Integrating MCAE with Fonteva AMS and the migration of lists from Constant Contact formed the foundation for ACDA’s success. Manual processes were automated, allowing ACDA to streamline operations and save valuable time. Fíonta provided training on MCAE, enabling ACDA to quickly realize the benefits of their investment in the solution and drive user adoption.

MCAE Engagement Studio

Segment lists based on membership payment dates and automate a member renewal journey using Engagement Studio

Automation for better email marketing

Automating of previously manual email marketing workflows empowered ACDA marketing efforts to generate better member engagement.

Quality training optimized user adoption

Fíonta prioritized MCAE training so ACDA would experience high user comprehension and adoption levels, ensuring their investment would produce the best possible results.

New integration with Fonteva and list migration from Constant Contact set the stage for ACDA’s success. Additionally, previously manual processes were automated using MCAE. ACDA now has a stable of branded email templates and marketing assets that meet its needs for standard and one-off email communications.

MCAE Email

Automate membership renewal emails, easily inject personalized data, and even send temporary membership cards with member information from Fonteva

MCAE Engagement Studio

Automate and deliver targeted onboarding content over a period of weeks and report on engagement in real time

Our resourcing team staffs each project with care. Team members involved in this initiative included the following:
Project manager

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Salesforce developer

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Data architect

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