Enhancing the quality of life for millions, one donation at a time

The Amputee Coalition (AC) is the nation’s leading organization on limb loss.

AC is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families, improving patient care, and preventing limb loss. With the generous support of the public, they are helping amputees live well with limb loss, raising awareness about limb loss prevention, and ensuring amputees have a voice in matters affecting their ability to live full, thriving lives.

AC engaged Fíonta to upgrade their 12-year-old Salesforce instance, which no longer served their needs efficiently.

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The configurations in AC’s system were established before the introduction of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), yet it incorporated elements like affiliations and relationships. Additionally, the instance contained a substantial amount of data, much of it redundant or partial, accumulated over the past ten years through various third-party integrations and other sources.

Too many integrations and customizations

Multiple key functional areas, notably fundraising and event management, were embedded within third-party integrations. This integration significantly contributed to the intricacy of their system, adding layers of complexity.

Missed revenue

The existing processes failed to leverage the standard functionalities offered by Salesforce, resulting in inefficient marketing and outreach efforts to both current volunteers and the donor base and hindering effective engagement and connection with these crucial groups.


Duplicated data entries led to disjointed and fragmented workflows, processes, and automation, creating inefficiencies and inconsistencies across the system.

Fíonta helped AC implement Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud (NPC) and shifted data and workflows from their previous Salesforce instance to NPC. AC utilized standard Salesforce functionalities and accessed new NPC features by translating custom object data to standard objects during the data migration process.


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers a streamlined solution for monitoring donor giving history, enabling data-driven insights and informed decision-making.

Increase efficiency

The plan was to remove clutter in the form of old data, tools that no longer supported the organization, and former processes.

Cost savings

Implementing NPC as its primary fundraising management tool will allow AC to save time and money by leveraging integrated data within Salesforce.

Gift summary

We tailored the automation within the data processing engine to align with AC’s practices for crediting donors, ensuring it complements AC’s existing business processes and optimizes the integration of data within Salesforce.

Lay the groundwork

Adopting NPC as Phase 1 in the overall upgrade put them in a position to focus on additional Nonprofit Cloud features and functionality in the near future.

The Amputee Coalition approached this project with a clear and comprehensive understanding of their current instance of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and myriad data issues. With AC, Fíonta successfully implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, integrating it seamlessly with FormAssembly, Cvent, and Higher Logic community membership platform. This strategic implementation now enables AC to leverage specific Nonprofit Cloud features, significantly enhancing their capabilities in donor tracking, visualizing relationships, and bolstering external communications. The result is a more streamlined and effective system, better equipped to meet its evolving needs.

The new Nonprofit Cloud allows users to visualize the relationships between Person accounts and other Contacts or Organizations all in one view. This feature is known as the Actionable Relationship Center (ARC).

Our resourcing team staffs each project with care. Team members involved in this initiative included the following:
Project manager

Steering all project facets like budget, schedule, scope, and risk management while collaborating with technical leads on risk handling, our project managers serve as the primary liaison with clients, offering frequent updates on project progress.

Salesforce developer

Salesforce developers specialize in crafting and tailoring applications beyond what is available out-of-the-box using Salesforce-specific tools like Apex, Visualforce, and the Lightning Component Framework, and integrating with various systems through Salesforce APIs.

Technical architect

Senior strategic advisors who focus on business transformation with domain expertise in functional, platform, and integration architecture. Our technical architects articulate solutions and design trade-offs to clients, guide the delivery framework, and oversee complex solution design and development, ensuring technical integrity and soundness of the final product.

Technical lead

Leading project solution implementation and coordinating technical processes, our technical leads manage the design, build, internal QA, user acceptance testing, and deployment activities, thus ensuring timely, quality deliverables. Sometimes doubling as solution architects, they work closely with project managers to manage risks and serve as primary client contacts.

Configuration specialist

Specializing in Salesforce and associated systems, our experts configure client instances following technical leads’ solutions, focusing on building functionality.