Managed Services | Fonteva Association Management Platform

Fíonta offers managed services plans that meet the support needs of virtually every organization that uses the Fonteva association management platform.

Fonteva, an association management software (AMS) solution built for Salesforce, provides an all-in-one association management platform that allows users to streamline their operations—from event planning to everyday member outreach.

However, your team might not always have the time, expertise, or resources to immediately make the most of your AMS solution.

As a Fonteva Services Partner, the Fíonta team leverages our vast Salesforce expertise and rigorous Fonteva product training to guide clients seamlessly through the implementation process and beyond.

Our Managed Services Methodology

With a collaborative and outcome-driven approach, Fíonta is focused on achieving results. As we lead clients through the Fonteva association platform, we take a configuration-first, customize-when-necessary philosophy centered on the goals of reducing long-term maintenance costs, ensuring smoother upgrades, and maximizing business agility. 

At its core, our methodology focuses on delivering successful outcomes instead of simply selling consulting hours with a break/fix mentality. We aim to identify and address root causes to ensure long-term success and full realization of your investment in Fonteva. 

Our goal-oriented methodology follows five major steps:

  1. Assess. We work collaboratively with key association stakeholders and staff to assess as-is implementation, data, and business processes. This allows for total transparency as we identify surface pain points and areas where functionality could be more fully leveraged. If necessary, we will also reserve time during the assessment phase to address high-priority issues causing significant business disruption.
  2. Plan. Based on our findings in the initial assessment process, we create a detailed plan that addresses noted areas of pain, growth, and improvement. This includes our prioritized recommendations for moving forward based on the platform’s best practices. 
  3. Set Goals. As part of the planning process, we work with clients to define goals, milestones, and metrics to create a framework for success. This enables the client team to truly measure outcomes and gauge impact.
  4. Accomplish. Once we have defined our priorities, goals, and metrics for success, our highly qualified team members work closely with client staff to solve identified problems, enhance systems, and build internal capacity with Fonteva.
  5. Evaluate. We establish a cadence of stakeholder reviews to discuss progress against goals and to ensure expectations are being met and value delivered.

Our managed services clients receive a blend of consulting services tailored to their specific plan, and teams typically include a project manager, architects, consultants, developers, and quality assurance engineers. 

Throughout our Fonteva implementation and support process, we make every effort to maintain the continuity of our team members, provide regular, written status updates, and work from a shared task log.

Long-term, Collaborative Support for Fonteva Users

The success of any system improvement initiative is dependent upon effective change management and staff adoption. All too often, a new system is implemented and launched without sufficient staff training, or worse, with inadequate consideration as to how staff are expected to complete common business processes.

Fíonta takes a highly consultative approach, working directly with staff to ensure system improvement efforts are aligned with their needs and that end-users are properly trained to do their jobs efficiently. We accept requests for changes from staff on an ongoing basis, and we work with our client stakeholders to find the right balance between roadmap initiatives and support needs.

Every client receives a plan tailored to their unique situation and budget. Additionally, we reassess our managed services plans over time as the system stabilizes, internal capacity builds, and staff members become confident using the system. 

Examples of common scenarios include:

  • First Year. The initial period following a system launch is critical to building and maintaining positive momentum and sentiment toward your new Fonteva association management platform. Our primary focus is system stabilization and staff adoption. We support association staff by setting goals and actively managing staff feedback to ensure system and usage issues are resolved quickly.
  • Completing the Vision. Designed to support clients once they are live and stable, the primary focus here is to implement lower-priority requirements that were not part of the initial launch. This often includes additional Fonteva features, process automation, and third-party integrations.
  • Ongoing Improvement. Once the system reaches a steady state, our services typically center on sustained system improvement, staying current on Fonteva upgrades, implementing new features, and monitoring staff satisfaction.
  • Projects. We can help clients extend Salesforce for and beyond Fonteva by implementing Salesforce for Nonprofits for fundraising, marketing automation with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) or Marketing Cloud Engagement (engagement journeys), opportunity management to support sales activity, and Service Cloud for member support center automation. These initiatives are normally treated as discrete projects and handled separately from managed services plans.

If the Fonteva association management platform, or even the Salesforce CRM more generally, is in the pipeline to be integrated into your association’s tech stack, then reach out to the Fíonta team for proper guidance on how you can properly leverage this powerful software. 

With client-first implementation and usage plans, we offer curated solutions for your team to achieve its unique goals using some of the most effective association tools on the market.