Get Started with Pardot

Fíonta offers a number of configuration packages for associations on the Salesforce platform who are transitioning to Pardot from a third-party email marketing tool like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Salesforce Pardot for Nonprofits
  • Salesforce connection. Connect Pardot to Salesforce and map default fields.
  • List migration. Export existing lists, de-dupe, and upload into Pardot.
  • Email templates. Export existing email template HTML and develop Pardot templates. Mobile-first templates developed by Fíonta and custom design are available as an a la carte add on.
  • Engagement path setup. Gather requirements for initial engagement path (constituent journey) and develop path.

Use cases for associations include:

  • Up-to-date membership lists / advanced list segmentation
  • Member newsletters with personalized content depending on level, location, or other criteria
  • Email series
    • Membership renewal
    • Lapsed member campaign
    • Advocacy campaigns
    • Board of Directors recurring communications
  • New member/employee onboarding
  • Landing pages for membership, events, document download
  • Scoring and grading of prospective members, vendors, associations, or other personas