Relevant and timely member engagement

Utilizing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) for associations can revolutionize member engagement and benefit your organization and its members.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE), as a powerful marketing automation platform, offers a suite of tools designed to enhance communication, personalization, and engagement within associations. One significant benefit is the ability to create tailored and timely content that resonates with members, ultimately fostering a stronger sense of community and loyalty.

Segmentation and personalization

One of the primary advantages of employing MCAE in an association context is the capacity for highly targeted and personalized communication. With MCAE’s robust segmentation and lead-scoring features, associations can categorize their members based on various criteria, such as membership level, interests, engagement history, or event participation. This segmentation allows for creating tailored email campaigns and communications that deliver relevant content directly to each member’s inbox. Members appreciate receiving information that aligns with their needs and interests, leading to increased engagement, event participation, and a deeper connection to the association’s mission.


MCAE enables associations to automate routine communication tasks, such as welcoming new members, sending renewal reminders, and sharing upcoming events or resources updates. Automation saves valuable staff time and ensures that members receive timely and consistent communications. By automating these processes, associations can focus on providing even more value to their members through educational content, networking opportunities, or advocacy efforts. The result is a more efficient association that can better serve its members’ needs, ultimately enhancing the overall member experience.

Accelerators for associations


Fíonta Association Accelerator

Born from Fíonta’s deep association expertise, Fíonta Association Accelerator marries years of Salesforce proficiency with an unwavering commitment to resolve your challenges.


Association software assessment

Is your association looking into membership management solutions for the first time? Are you on an outdated legacy system like Netforum, Personify, or iMIS? Are you experiencing the effects of 15 years of technical workarounds?