Federated, chapter, and affiliate-based organizations find themselves serving two audiences – the chapter members and the national organization.


Salesforce connects chapters to national and enables access to real-time data and a 360-degree view of member engagement.

Chapters who have historically collected data in Excel or through web forms or paper sign-in sheets find themselves having to duplicate work efforts to report on membership, dues, or impact to national. The national organization conversely has little insight into chapter revenue, member profiles, or other local data.

When using Salesforce, the entire organization’s data lives within a single repository, with access to data limited to those with explicit permissions. Chapters manage members, charge dues, measure member engagement, and identify “super” members while all this information flows automatically up to the national office. Chapter dues to national are typically based on member volume, and with Salesforce in place, these dues can easily be calculated and paid. Gone are the days of chapter leaders writing a check or wiring dues.

A customized Experience Cloud Partner template gives members an online portal to easily self-service their member profiles, pay dues, access common documents, view a member directory, collaborate with fellow chapter members, and even to reach beyond their local chapter to find others with similar interests or profiles. Data that lives in Salesforce can be displayed within the community just as it can be displayed on the organization’s main website, all without advanced coding or technical know-how.