Conferences and Events

Events and conferences, especially an annual conference, are both a member benefit and a revenue driver for the association.


Myriad elements go into planning any sized event, from choosing an event space, managing exhibitors and vendors, marketing the event, and handling RSVPs and associated payments, to reconciling budgets following the event, reporting on ROI, and more. Within an association, there can be many people responsible for ensuring the success of a conference.

Serve your members through Salesforce Experience Cloud with a portal that allows them to easily buy tickets, identify attendees, set their schedules, and mark their menu preferences. The Fonteva platform allows even greater flexibility with easy to create microsites for each event. Either way, you can manage attendees, sponsorships, and vendors. Third-party apps allow you even greater capabilities with floor plans and complicated logistics tracking.

Salesforce Pardot for Nonprofits

Develop audiences or attendee lists in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) by specifying any number of parameters and utilize dynamic lists to automatically include or exclude users. Any data in Salesforce and mapped to a custom field in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) can be used to generate lists.

Promote the conference or event, from first announcement through registration, the event itself, and even manage the followup with an Engagement Path in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). Every interaction with emails, landing pages, and registration forms is recorded on the prospect record and an individual’s behavior at any point can affect future communications within the Engagement Path. With the native-to-Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) Eventbrite connector, an organization can leverage Eventbrite for invitations, seating charts, nametags, event check-in, and more while still recording every interaction against a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) prospect record.