Donations and E-Commerce

The more you know about your donors, the more effectively you can communicate with them, plan educational campaigns and events, and forecast future gifts.


Every donor record in Salesforce provides full insight into giving history, recent communications, event attendance, household relationships, and more. This 360-degree view allows you to personalize outreach, build institutional history, and plan with confidence. Integrate Pardot or Marketing Cloud as a marketing automation tool.

Myriad apps for donation processing exist and can be customized to fit your association’s specific needs. As with any form, especially a high-stakes one like a donation, user experience design is a key element that must be considered – and one which Fíonta is equipped to handle.

In addition to accepting donations, associations may need to process payments for conferences, events, books or journals, or merchandise. Members may interact with commerce elements on the association’s website or in a Experience Cloud portal, both of which can be connected directly to Salesforce. In that case, all interactions are recorded to the Contact record and can be reported on or viewed in the context of a campaign within a Dashboard.