Technical architecture

Our experienced architects are here to help you design, implement, and optimize your Salesforce solution.

Whether you are just beginning your journey with Salesforce or looking to enhance your current instance, our experts can provide the guidance and expertise you need.

Architecture design

We will work closely with your team to understand your business requirements and design a scalable, flexible, and efficient Salesforce architecture that aligns with your goals.

Data modeling

Our architects will analyze your data structure and design an optimized data model that supports your business processes and reporting needs.

Integration strategy

We will devise an integration strategy that allows seamless data flow between Salesforce and your other business-critical systems. Our team will implement integration patterns, such as point-to-point, middleware-based, or API-led architectures, depending on your requirements.

Performance optimization

Our experts will assess your Salesforce implementation and identify areas for performance optimization. We will fine-tune your architecture to improve response times, reduce system downtime, and enhance overall user experience.

Governance and best practices

We will help you establish governance policies and best practices to ensure the long-term success and maintainability of your Salesforce architecture. These safeguards include security controls, data governance, change management processes, and documentation standards.

Why choose Fíonta?

We understand that every organization has unique requirements. Our architects work closely with you to understand your business objectives, processes, and challenges. Based on this understanding, we design a customized architecture that addresses your specific needs to maximize the value of your investment in Salesforce.


Our team comprises highly certified Salesforce architects with extensive experience designing and implementing complex solutions. We stay updated with the latest Salesforce features and best practices, ensuring your architecture aligns with industry standards.

Scalability and performance

A well-designed technical architecture is essential for scalability and optimal performance. Our architects will carefully analyze your data model, integrations, and workflows to ensure your Salesforce solution can handle increasing data volumes and user loads. We optimize your architecture for speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Integration and data management

Salesforce often needs to integrate with other systems and manage a large volume of data. Our architects have deep knowledge of Salesforce integration capabilities and data management strategies. We design robust integration solutions and implement effective data governance practices to ensure seamless data flow and integrity across your systems.

Data migration

Our seasoned data architects specialize in designing and implementing complex data migration strategies for Salesforce. With their extensive experience, our data architects can assist you in seamlessly transitioning your data to Salesforce while ensuring its integrity and accuracy throughout the process.

Security and compliance

Protecting your data and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is paramount to us. Our architects will implement best-in-class security measures and help you establish a solid security framework within your Salesforce architecture. We will also assist you in maintaining compliance with industry standards.