Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud enables nonprofits and associations to create personalized portals and communities that foster engagement and collaboration.

These portals serve as a central hub for supporters, volunteers, and beneficiaries to connect, share ideas, access resources, and actively participate in programs. Empowering your supporters and creating a sense of belonging can build stronger relationships, deepen your impact, and create a vibrant ecosystem around your cause or causes.

Volunteer management

Volunteer management is a critical aspect of nonprofit organizations, and Experience Cloud simplifies the process by centralizing information, streamlining recruitment, and enabling self-service. With real-time insights and user-friendly interfaces, you can effectively match your volunteers with tasks, schedule shifts, track hours, and communicate updates, optimizing volunteer engagement and maximizing their valuable time and skills.

Donor management

Effective donor management and fundraising are essential for the sustainability and growth of nonprofits. Experience Cloud provides a comprehensive donor management system, allowing you to personalize interactions, track contributions, and communicate impact effectively. You can nurture donor relationships, cultivate loyalty, and increase fundraising success through tailored communication and targeted campaigns.


Experience Cloud promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among nonprofit team members, partners, and stakeholders. With features such as shared documents, discussion groups, and real-time messaging, you can facilitate seamless communication, teamwork, and innovation. This collaboration enhances efficiency, reduces duplication of effort, and accelerates progress toward achieving goals.