Fonteva and Nimble managed services

When you purchase Fonteva or Nimble, you buy a robust, constantly improving AMS solution.

As such, these systems require ongoing investment to ensure you are making the most out of the latest versions. Fíonta’s Fonteva and Nimble managed services give you the right kind of support to stay up to date as you go through membership renewal periods and host incredible events.

Our feature-rich offerings meet different organizations’ needs with varying complexities to assure you will have the skills to meet and measure KPIs, properly support your members, and ensure Fonteva remains free of technical debt. No matter the complexities of your system or the kind of support you need, Fíonta Accent has the right team to support your organization. 

Fíonta adds the proper strategic guidance and technical know-how to ensure you are confident in your system setup and plans for continuous growth and change. Your Fíonta Accent Solutions Success Manager has the technical expertise and skills to be the extra hands you need to successfully maintain your Salesforce-based AMS system and support its growth as your organization changes.

Our team of Solutions Success Managers are dedicated professionals with association expertise. We know how membership organizations operate, how their financials work, and how to manage all the technologies associations need to manage their business. We understand how business processes relate to technology tools and how to use Fonteva or Nimble to meet your organization’s changing needs.

All Accent offerings include:

  • A dedicated team of Fonteva or Nimble experts with a named technical person as your primary point of contact to be your strategic advisor and technical guide
  • A set service level each month, including:
    • Proactive solution advisement and alignment with your business goals
    • Personalized solution creation and feature development of new capabilities or enhancements to existing capabilities
    • Analytics and marketing guidance, advice, and technical work
    • Release and environment management
    • Strategic support, including technical and functional direction and advice
    • Root cause analysis and workaround assistance
    • System documentation
    • Continuing education and training
    • Data health check and analysis
  • Access to the right resource at the right time for the type of work you need to be delivered, whether that is consultative solution advice, functional assistance, or technical development

Accent Essentials

Essentials provides basic support for a Salesforce-based AMS that uses out of the box features with few customizations. With functional consultants as the focused resource, Accent Essentials is the right choice if your organization needs a trusted partner to run things by and who can support minimal changes or bug fixes each month. Start with as few as 10 hours a month and increase your time with us in increments of 10 to 30 hours per month.

Accent Expansion

Our most popular offering, Accent Expansion, provides the proper support for most mid-sized organizations. With a dedicated senior consultant with experience managing larger Fonteva environments with more complex membership needs, Accent Expansion grants your organization access to developers and integration support, business analysts for analytics support and guidance, marketing specialists, and Pardot and Marketing Cloud support. Services can be purchased in increments of 20 hours per month.

Accent Enterprise

When your organization has lots of custom development built into Fonteva and your team needs significant support, Accent Enterprise is the option to choose. As with our other offerings, you will have a dedicated Solutions Success Manager. In addition, you will also have a dedicated functional consultant, so you have consistent support from multiple types of resources. A developer will also be a named part of your team, and a technical architect will architect significant changes if needed. With a minimum of 40 hours per month, you can increase your investment in increments of 20 hours to ensure your team has the support they need.