Limited ability to assess impact

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud goes beyond streamlining grant management; it also equips foundations with powerful impact measurement tools that have the potential to revolutionize the way they assess and enhance their grantmaking efforts.

These tools enable your foundation to collect and analyze valuable data from your grantees, ushering in a new era of project assessment and overall impact evaluation.

This data-driven approach is pivotal in supporting informed decision-making processes within your foundation, empowering your team to make strategic choices backed by concrete evidence. It goes beyond simply managing grants; it’s about unlocking deeper insights into the effectiveness of those grants.

At Fíonta, our consultants are adept at guiding organizations through the intricate discovery process that lays the foundation for robust impact measurement. We don’t offer just a one-size-fits-all solution; we collaborate closely with your foundation to define measurable outcomes and indicators that are meaningful and aligned with your core mission and values.

Leveraging Salesforce’s highly customizable features, such as custom fields and data modeling capabilities, we configure the system to capture precise impact data. This includes creating custom data objects to track grantee progress, impact metrics, and program outcomes. Our goal is to tailor Salesforce to become an extension of your foundation’s unique identity and goals.

Data governance

We recognize the importance of effective data governance within your foundation and work diligently to establish data governance practices that are both robust and user-friendly, ensuring your team can collect the data effectively and communicate it to stakeholders with clarity and confidence, thus fostering transparency and trust throughout your grantmaking ecosystem.

By seamlessly aligning your data collection and governance efforts, we empower your foundation to manage grants more efficiently and showcase your grants’ tangible impact, reinforcing your philanthropic mission.

Managing impact investments

Foundations that embrace impact investing, a powerful strategy for generating positive social and financial returns, often grapple with the complexities of managing these investments. The intricacies of tracking assets, assessing both social and financial returns, and effectively managing portfolios can pose significant challenges without the right tools and systems.

Complexities in impact investment management

Impact investments necessitate the meticulous tracking of financial and social performance metrics. These metrics are vital indicators of the investment’s success in generating measurable social impact and financial returns. Navigating this intricate landscape can be a daunting task, requiring not just expertise but also a robust technological solution.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has specialized impact investment management capabilities designed to address these challenges specifically. This suite of tools empowers your foundation to seamlessly track investments, monitor financial and impact performance, and generate customized reports for stakeholders. It transforms the management of impact investments into a streamlined and efficient process.

Reporting and analysis

Amp Impact, a Vera Solutions product,  extends the Salesforce platform to provide a 360-degree view of portfolio impact and gives grantmakers access to the data they need to break down data silos and improve program effectiveness. For our grantmaking nonprofit clients, our team can recommend and implement Amp Impact to support impact reporting. 

At Fíonta, our consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of impact investing. We excel in collaborating with foundations and, during the discovery and design phase, work closely with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and objectives, including your specific impact investment data requirements, encompassing financial metrics, impact indicators, and investment portfolios.

Centralized and automated data management

One of the key advantages of our approach is centralizing and automating impact investment data management, simplifying the data collection process, and ensuring accuracy and consistency. By providing a holistic view of your impact investments, our experts empower your foundation to make informed decisions that are financially savvy and deeply aligned with your philanthropic mission.