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A dream come true: My experience as a Salesforce MVP at Dreamin’ in Color 2024

Attending the Dreamin’ in Color 2024 Conference as a Black woman and Salesforce MVP was a profoundly inspiring and transformative experience. This event, dedicated to celebrating diversity and fostering inclusion, provided me with invaluable opportunities to connect, learn, and grow within a community that shares my passion for technology and innovation.

When I arrived at the Dreamin’ in Color 2024 conference, I felt an immediate sense of belonging. The vibrant atmosphere, filled with energy and camaraderie, was a testament to the power of diversity. Attendees from various backgrounds, industries, and experiences embodied the inclusive spirit of the event. It was more than just a conference; it celebrated our collective achievements and commitment to driving positive change in the tech industry.

Each session, panel, and workshop highlighted our shared dedication to fostering a more equitable tech landscape. One of the most rewarding aspects of Dreamin’ in Color was the opportunity to network with other professionals. I had the chance to meet fellow Salesforce MVPs, industry leaders, and aspiring tech enthusiasts. These interactions were enriching and opened doors for potential collaborations and mentorship opportunities. I even had the privilege of continuing my work through GEMs in Tech by identifying new mentees seeking guidance during their Salesforce journeys.

Being a Black woman in tech comes with its unique challenges, but it also brings immense opportunities to pave the way for others. Dreamin’ in Color reminds me why representation matters. Seeing so many talented individuals from diverse backgrounds excelling in their fields was humbling and motivating. It reaffirmed my belief that we must continue pushing for greater inclusion and equity in the tech industry.

Reflecting on my experience fills me with renewed hope and determination. This conference’s conversations, connections, and insights have empowered me to continue championing diversity and inclusion within Salesforce and beyond. As a Salesforce MVP, I will use my platform to advocate for change and support initiatives promoting a more inclusive tech community.

Dreamin’ in Color was not just a conference but a powerful movement toward a more inclusive future. I am profoundly grateful for the event‘s experiences, connections, and inspiration found in New Orleans last month. As I move forward, I carry the spirit of Dreamin’ in Color with me, committed to making a difference, one step at a time.