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All About...Salesforce: October 2021

Happy October! Our Pumpkins have been carved, and the wood stove is already going. This year has flown by for me, and we will have snow on the ground before you know it. In this month’s email, I’ll do a brief recap of Dreamforce and’s Week of Learning, provide a critical update on Salesforce automations and multi-factor authentication, and flag essential dates for the Spring 22 release…Thanks for reading.



Dreamforce was great this year, with lots of sessions featuring highlights from a busy year, new acquisitions (Slack), and best practices. If you attended, what were your favorite sessions?

I particularly enjoyed the session: 6 Guiding Principles to Maximize CRM Adoption, which included best practices and guidance on ensuring that your users are adopting Salesforce. How many of these principles are you following at your organization? If you find that you’re missing any in your change management approach, reach out and let me know.  

Admins and Product Owners: Salesforce will be retiring Workflow Rules and Process Builders and moving everyone to Salesforce Flow. There have been rumors to this effect for some time. As such, Fíonta has been implementing Flows as the automation tool of choice. If you have active Process Builders or Workflows, the upcoming releases will include migration tools for existing automations. In Winter ’23, you will no longer be able to create new Process Builders or Workflow Rules. If you have concerns or questions about this news, please connect with me.

ARTICLE Multi-Factor Authentication

Salesforce will require all end-users to log in via Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) by February 1st, 2022. I strongly encourage you to read the following Salesforce Help Articles:

We have assisted numerous clients as they roll out MFA. As it currently stands, if you have MFA enabled in your Salesforce org and need Salesforce’s support on resolving a case, you will need to be available to “buzz them in” when they need access to your org. Reach out to us with any questions on MFA and how it will impact your users.

WEBINAR Saying goodbye to Raiser’s Edge

My colleague, Mary Dare Evans, is leading a 30-minute presentation tomorrow (Thursday, 10/21 – 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET) about transitioning from Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce NPSP. She will discuss the opportunities that Salesforce NPSP presents for organizations currently on Raiser’s Edge, provide a high-level overview of the phases of work required to implement Salesforce successfully, and provide next steps to help your organization analyze options and plan for the change.

Pre-registration is required – if you’re not able to catch the live webinar, sign up and we’ll send you the recording and deck afterwards.

EVENT Week of Learning

Week of Learning was awesome. With so much content it was hard to take everything in as one person, but Fionta Salesforce Consultants attended where they could and like Dreamforce, has posted recordings of a few sessions as well as some downloadable resources. You can watch the Salesforce Fundamentals for Nonprofits video if you’re new to or just beginning to explore Salesforce at your organization, download the Executive Sponsor’s Guide to Success with Nonprofit Cloud to learn more about best practices and critical steps for success, as well learn data management best practices with the Healthy Org Workbook.

SALESFORCE RELEASE Spring Release Dates Announced

The Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release Dates have been announced: January 15, February 5t, and February 12, 2022, with most sandboxes being upgraded on January 8. I will keep you up to date on new features and functionality over the next several emails.