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All About...Salesforce: December 2020

As the year is winding down, now is a great time to reflect on how we as people and our organizations have evolved and changed during such a challenging year.

I have been forced by the pandemic to work in a fully remote environment which made me tailor my habits to ensure I can focus on work and remain present at home when I’m not at work. I’d be interested in hearing from you on behavior and habit changes you’ve had to make to remain successful in this new normal.

One of the ways I’ve made space for a healthier work environment is to ensure I block off family time both before and after work. If there is an urgent client meeting, sometimes I will forgo a block but will make it up later in the week. I’ve also separated my work environment from the home environment by creating a home office off of our kitchen. These minor changes have allowed me the space I need to be able to focus on my clients and my family, and not forgo one for the other.

Before the pandemic, this season was our family’s time to volunter at a local soup kitchen in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, due to restrictions we were unable to support them in this way this year. However, I want to introduce you to a Salesforce product that helps direct-service organizations like the soup kitchen, monitor and track their critical work. It is called the Program Management Module. The base version of this product is available free to nonprofits that qualify through the Power of Us grant. If you’re interested in learning more about this product and how it may fit within how your organization’s business process, please reach out.

In other news, Salesforce has been in the news by announcing a groundbreaking agreement to purchase Slack the communications application. This is huge news in the enterprise technology space as Salesforce brings another company into its expanding family following the news last year when it acquired Tableau, the data analytics and business intelligence powerhouse. These two purchases, amongst others are sure to bring additional features and expertise to our clients and organizations considering the use of Salesforce in the future.

Finally, DreamforceTX wraps today. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you next month. Please let me know about your favorite sessions.

Have a great holiday.

Jordan Berger, Senior Salesforce Consultant

As always, reach out to us with any questions!