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All About...Salesforce: December 2021

December is here, and while things seem to be slowing down as the holidays approach, there is still lots going on in the Salesforce space. On the home front, we’ve hung our wreath and wrapped our presents, and are patiently waiting for some more snow. My wife and I are going on a safari in Kenya for Christmas and are very excited to see some of our extended family and see some giraffes and elephants. In this month’s email, I want to share information about the Program Management Module, 2022 Nonprofit Summit, and the free Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries tool. Last up, the retirement of API versions 7.0 to 20.0, which may impact custom code you have in place in your Salesforce org.


TOOL Program Management Module (PMM)

Free and open-source, the Program Management Module (PMM) is a nonprofit program management tool that works with the Nonprofit Success Pack to help nonprofits manage many different types of programs or services, regardless of complexity. The data model of PMM allows you to track key program engagement metrics, services, and service deliveries in an easy-to-use interface. Fionta has supported many impact-driven organizations to implement and successfully adopt PMM, and we would be happy to explore your use case to see if it’s a good fit.

EVENT 2022 Nonprofit Summit

The 2022 Nonprofit Summit is’s signature nonprofit-focused event scheduled for May 17th, 2022. We’ve submitted success stories with Erika’s Lighthouse and the Population Reference Bureau to be featured and look forward to sharing more as we get closer to the date. For now, you can watch featured videos from last year’s summit to hold you over.

TOOL Declarative lookup rollup summaries

Free seems to be the theme of this month’s email, and I wanted to share a gem of a free tool that is available for use by system administrators everywhere, the Declarative Lookup Summaries tool (DLRS). Our consultants use this tool when our clients have unique data requirements that involve rolling up data (summarizing, counting, max, etc.) from a child object to a parent object via lookup. Salesforce does an excellent job of summarizing data out of the box via Roll-Up Summary fields, but some limitations require more nuance…that’s where DLRS comes in. You can create recipes in DLRS to solve some of your more complex reporting needs with calculations happening in real-time or on a schedule. Reach out to learn more about it.

ANNOUNCEMENT Retirement of Salesforce API versions 7.0 through 20.0

Finally, Salesforce has announced the feature retirement of Salesforce API Versions 7.0 through 20.0. In the Summer 2022 release (July 2022), Salesforce will no longer support API versions 7.0 to 20.0. If you have an active contract with Fionta, you should be hearing more about this and any potential impact over the next several months. If you are unsure if this will impact your Salesforce org, please reach out and discuss options. If you have custom code in your organization that a developer hasn’t recently updated, you may be impacted and you must get a jump on this before that date.