All About Salesforce certifications

In a job market that poses far more questions than answers, a Salesforce administrator, designer, architect, developer, marketer, or consultant provides as much employment stability as job satisfaction. Of course, nothing is ever 100% certain, and the future has yet to be seen. But what Salesforce has been able to do to position its solutions as “must haves” within its customer base, coupled with its track record of strategic growth, prepares it to be at the top of the list for organizations that provide the best job security. That means that any position related to Salesforce technology, whether as a Salesforce employee or one that works for a consulting organization, is sure to maintain relevance and stay in high demand. 

The buzz about Salesforce has been rapidly crescendoing since its inception in 1999. After their founders developed a CRM that pioneered the SaaS model for software, they have been on an unparalleled trajectory. With many strategic expansions and acquisitions, they revolutionized and invented better than any other company in the industry, boasting 77,000 employees and an impressive 10 million associated jobs in the ecosystem. Along with interest in what innovation they are spearheading within digital transformation, people wonder if there are almost 5 million open positions within the .org and .com ecosystems. And if so, how do they get one? 

The answer is – absolutely – yes. There are so many opportunities available. In this blog, we will share the insight we have, primarily gleaned from our 40+ consultants who have over 140 combined certs, along with the real-world experience to make them count. 

Trailhead: Free online learning platform

If you’ve never explored Salesforce’s Trailhead, now is the time. Salesforce has invested heavily in online learning and provides the tools for anyone at any level to begin learning or expand their knowledge. These certifications are easily broken out by role, helping you sort through what’s relevant to your journey and what’s not (not yet, at least!). Gaining certifications can help you stand out from the competition, increase knowledge in new areas that might land you on the best team, and provide you with skill sets that complement your foundation as a fantastic contributor.

So, what’s in the foundation? You. Your professional experience and the unique perspective you bring from day one. You don’t need to check anything at the door–your prior experiences make for the best version of you as a contributor in the Salesforce ecosystem. Most people find that their skill sets, organically developed from previous roles, are completely transferable when launching their Salesforce careers. Even though certifications help, they alone do not prepare you to be the best at your work. In many ways, you are already prepared to succeed. And even more, Salesforce actively wants to bring you into the world it has created, as it anticipates that direct access to education, certifications, and a community will amplify your success.

And the Salesforce community truly is notable. It has been trailblazing and, along the way, has created a culture of inclusivity, openness, and collaboration. The community is a significant factor in why a Salesforce career transition or promotion can happen quickly – sometimes within months. The support and connection are available on day one of the journey – and you can learn from other Trailblazers from all over the world, sharing your experiences and learning from theirs. 

Certifications + real-world experience = Power

It’s more common than not to feel unprepared when pursuing something different or new. But the nervous anticipation of not being “good enough” or “ready” is primarily because you don’t know what you don’t know. 

And that’s where we can offer our experience. We’ve gained great insights on our journey, encouraging and learning from our individual contributors at various points in their Salesforce careers. We know that certifications contain a wealth of important information, and with that information, you can develop new skill sets that you didn’t previously possess. But we also know that many skills cannot be taught and come from time and experience. 

Because the world of NGOs and associations is not the same as the for-profit sector, candidates who come to Fíonta with nonprofit experience use it as a foundation upon which they build their careers. And even if they have a background in databases but little understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, they can be confident that the strong community and extensive online learning resources will prepare them for success.

At Fíonta, we thrive when we grow our organization with folks that are willing and ready to help others, who like to learn from their peers, and who can collaborate and solve problems creatively. We have many open positions and seek candidates that value diversity in thought, the inclusion of people and perspectives, and an equal capacity to pursue new opportunities. We encourage you to look at our openings, envision your picture on our team member overview page, and apply!