Classy Collaborative 2024 roundup

Attending Classy Collaborative 2024 in Chicago was an incredible experience for our team.

The cornerstone event for technologists and fundraising and marketing professionals in the nonprofit sector brought together thought leaders, innovators, and changemakers. The excitement of being in Chicago and connecting with peers in person was palpable from the moment we arrived.

Keynotes and sessions

The keynotes and sessions were a highlight, offering a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Xavier Ramsey, CEO of Justice Informed and a Chicago native, was particularly inspiring, providing valuable insights and sparking new ideas. His message was clear: Changemakers and organizations must focus on the root of the issues instead of only addressing the symptoms, specifically racial justice and class issues.

A standout session was the panel discussion on harnessing Classy’s integration partners for maximal fundraising success. Experts, including Tim McLeary from the Salvation Army and Qaisar Islam from Islamic Relief USA, shared their experiences and challenges and engaged in thought-provoking dialogue. These sessions reinforced the importance of innovation and collaboration in the nonprofit space.

Interactions with clients and partners

One of the most rewarding aspects of the event was meeting with our clients and partners at Classy. We had productive discussions with existing clients, like Ronald McDonald House Charities and Start Early, gathering feedback and exploring new ways to support their missions.

Networking events and social activities

Beyond the formal sessions, the networking events and social activities were equally valuable. Attending receptions, dinners, and informal gatherings allowed us to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones. Personal anecdotes and experiences shared during these events made the trip memorable and fostered a sense of community among attendees. Always a good reminder that we’re people and we innately crave connection. We were also one of the few Classy partners crazy enough to ride the Sea Dog on Lake Michigan as the sun went down in May… 

Introducing Fíonta’s Classy Fundraising Accelerator

We are thrilled to introduce the Classy Fundraising Accelerator, designed to help nonprofits maximize their fundraising potential using the Classy platform. The accelerator is compatible with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

What sets our accelerator apart is the unique combination of Fíonta’s deep expertise in nonprofit consulting and Classy’s powerful fundraising tools. We provide:

  • Customized strategy development: We work with you to develop a comprehensive digital fundraising strategy that aligns with your mission and goals.
  • Hands-on training and support: Our team provides in-depth training on Classy’s native Salesforce integration, ensuring your staff can effectively utilize its features.
  • Data-driven insights: Leverage our expertise in data analysis to gain valuable insights into your fundraising efforts and optimize your campaigns.
  • Ongoing consultation: Enjoy continuous support from our experts, helping you navigate challenges and seize new opportunities.

By combining the best practices from Fíonta with Classy’s robust capabilities, your organization can achieve greater impact and drive positive change.