The Fionta Minute: Creating a Salesforce account for Trailhead training

In this Fíonta Minute, we will walk you through creating a Salesforce account that you can use for Trailhead training.

Video Transcript

Welcome to the Fíonta Minute.
I’m Karin Tracy, VP of Marketing for Fíonta, a Premium Partner.

Today, we’re going to talk about creating a Salesforce account that you can use while you work through the Trailhead training program or for any other educational purpose. You may already have access to a Salesforce account through your organization or this may be your first look at Salesforce. Either way, I recommend keeping your training accounts completely separate from any ‘real, live’ Salesforce accounts. Let’s create a new one together.

Go to

Then click Sign Up at the top right of the screen.

Now click the email icon. You’ll be prompted to enter the email you would like to use to create a ‘developer account.’

Next, you will receive a single-use code in your email to enter and confirm.

Now you will be able to add your name and choose a profile URL. This will create your Trailhead profile and automatically create your first Trailhead Playground which is a Salesforce environment that you can use for learning and testing.

To access your Trailhead Playground, click on your profile badge in the top right corner and select ‘Hands-On Orgs’.

Now you can access a demo org and create new ones. Launch, rename, or disconnect the orgs you use for hands-on challenges. Learn about managing your hands-on org in the Trailhead Playground Management module.

In Part 3, we’ll hit the trails using our newly created Salesforce account!

As always, we hope this Fíonta Minute – a “how to” on setting up a Salesforce testing account – has been helpful.

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