Life at Fionta

Featured Fíontan: Meet David Manuel

You are a senior technical architect. What are your core responsibilities?

I work to align systems with business requirements and objectives – orchestrating data flows and integrations and overseeing our developers in building custom components and writing code where needed.

Tell us a bit about what you did before you joined Fíonta. 

I was the Director of Operations for PFLAG National, a historically parent-lead organization that provides support, education, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ individuals. I wore many hats, including Finance, Human Resources, Administration, and IT.

Share a bit about a project you’ve worked on at Fíonta that is meaningful to you and why.

There have been several. Working on JRS USA’s implementation was particularly meaningful because of their work with refugees from the Iraq war, as my partner lived through that conflict in particular, and I also have friends who fled the Middle East. I am also proud to have worked with NAMI as the child of a mother with a mental illness – and NAMI was a resource for me in years past.

How do you see your role at Fíonta evolving over the next year and beyond?

I foresee a lot of what we do will be impacted by AI. I expect more assisted generation to become common as a starting point for many things, including code or requirements.

Which of Fíonta’s core value(s) strikes closest to home for you? Why?

Always be improving – I love technology, and I love learning new skills and technologies.

You have an impressive 16 Salesforce certifications and counting. What has been the most difficult to earn, and why?

I think the Tableau CRM & Einstein Discovery Consultant is best because it covers a wide range of technology and techniques (visualization, machine learning, bindings, and interactions).

What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working? Hobbies, activities, passions?

Biking, music, musicals, hiking, home automation, and AIDS/LifeCycle.

Mountain bike or road bike?

Road bike. I admire the courage of those on single-track trails in the mountains here in Los Angeles, but I prefer the roads.

Donuts or bagels?

Do I have to choose? If I absolutely have to choose, it’d be bagels, but I’ve become a donuts fan since I moved to LA – e.g., Donut Friend.

Hey Siri or Hey Google?

What about Alexa? I am mostly an Apple fanboy, but my Echo devices technically outnumber my Apple ones.

Sweet or savory crepes?


Favorite nut butter?

Plain old peanut.