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Featured Fíontan: Neelima Turaga

You have a talent for project disaster recovery and enterprise change management. How has that helped you in your role as a project manager?

As a seasoned project manager with extensive experience managing complex high-stakes projects, my talent for project disaster recovery and enterprise change management has been invaluable. 

Overall, my project disaster recovery and enterprise change management skills equip me with the skills and strategies necessary to navigate the complexities of high-stakes projects effectively. I can mitigate potential disruptions and drive successful project outcomes by proactively managing risks and facilitating change.

Tell us a bit about what you did before you joined Fíonta. 

Before joining Fíonta, I cultivated a diverse background in software development, SaaS project management, and leadership roles across various industries, including IT, automotive, and SaaS. With over 15 years of program and project management experience, I’ve successfully navigated complex projects, led cross-functional teams, and delivered innovative solutions to meet organizational objectives. My journey has equipped me with a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and people skills, which I now bring to my role as a senior project manager at Fíonta.

Share a bit about a project you’ve worked on at Fíonta that is meaningful to you and why.

I’ve had the privilege of working on numerous impactful projects, but one that particularly stands out to me is our collaboration with a nonprofit organization focused on environmental conservation.

In this project, we worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive digital strategy to enhance their online presence, engage supporters, and drive donations to fund critical conservation efforts. From the initial discovery phase to the final implementation, I was deeply involved in every aspect of the project, ensuring we delivered a solution aligned with the client’s mission and goals.

What made this project especially meaningful to me was the opportunity to contribute to a cause that I am passionate about. As someone who cares deeply about environmental conservation, leveraging my skills and expertise to support an organization dedicated to protecting our planet was incredibly fulfilling.

This project served as a reminder of the power of technology and digital innovation to drive positive change and impact important causes. It was a privilege to be a part of it, and I am proud of our work as a team.

How do you see your role at Fíonta evolving over the next year and beyond?

I am excited about the potential for growth and development within the organization. Over the next year and beyond, I see my role evolving into a more strategic leadership position where I can continue to leverage my expertise in project management while also contributing to the overall growth and success of the company. I am eager to take on additional responsibilities, such as mentoring and coaching junior team members, leading cross-functional initiatives, and collaborating with senior leadership to shape the organization’s direction.

Additionally, I am committed to further honing my team-building, communication, and problem-solving skills to ensure that I can effectively lead and inspire teams to achieve their goals. Ultimately, I aim to contribute to Fíonta’s success by leveraging my skills, experience, and passion for teamwork to drive innovation, excellence, and growth within the organization.

As a woman and minority with an engineering degree, what advice would you give someone looking to succeed in such a male-dominated field?

As a woman in a STEM career with over 15 years of experience in a male-dominated industry, I want to share my approach to being successful by focusing on my skills, building a solid support network, developing confidence and trust, being resilient in the face of challenges, and advocating for diversity and inclusion. You can succeed and thrive in a male-dominated field as a female engineer with South East Asian ancestry.

Which of Fíonta’s core value(s) strikes closest to home for you? Why?

The core value that strikes me closest to home is “Do what’s right even when hard.” This value resonates with me because it emphasizes the importance of integrity, accountability, and ethical decision-making, even in challenging situations. As someone responsible for guiding projects to success, I always prioritize what is morally and ethically correct, even if it means facing difficult choices or pushing back against the status quo. By upholding this value, I can ensure that our team and clients can trust in the integrity of our work and the values we stand for.

What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working? Hobbies, activities, passions?

I enjoy exploring new destinations, trying new foods, and experiencing different cultures. Additionally, I enjoy taking online courses or attending workshops to continue learning and growing. Most importantly, I cherish spending quality time with family and friends during my downtime. I want to find a work-life balance that brings me joy, relaxation, and fulfillment outside of work.

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