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Fíonta Focus - April 2024

Spring is finally springing across the states, and we definitely have a spring in our step. From the upcoming Summer ‘24 release, a handful of new on-demand webinars, and another Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud module review (Outcome Management), we are committed to sharing resources and best practices with our nonprofit and association audience.

Our team is also making their way across the States. The Salesforce World Tour in DC and NY were earlier in April, and we’re looking forward to nonprofit- and association-focused conferences in May.

We’re staying busy as the bees are with the spring flowers and hope you, too, are embracing the change in seasons.

Until next month –

Nonprofits & Foundations

Empowering nonprofits with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: Focus on Outcome Management

Learn about the Outcome Management module’s transformative capabilities and how it can amplify your impact. This blog includes actionable insights on tracking, measuring, and reporting outcomes, ensuring your organization’s efforts translate into meaningful change. This is your guide to making data-driven decisions that resonate with donors and stakeholders.

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On-demand: Connecting Arts and Innovation

Explore the transformative journey of the Norman Rockwell Museum as it merges its storied heritage with cutting-edge technology. Our recent webinar dives into how the museum streamlined its operations by adopting Salesforce as its unified tech platform, enhancing its donor portal and ticket-purchasing capabilities.

Additionally, discover how integrating marketing automation tailored to user data and engagement has revolutionized their outreach. Watch now to gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies that underscore the role of innovation in the evolution of cultural institutions.

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Admin Release Countdown: Get Ready for Summer ’24

Salesforce Summer ’24 will be released between May 17 to June 14. Shortly, we’ll post a blog on our site about important features; in the meantime, you can stay on top of the latest enhancements by visiting the Salesforce Admin blog for all the details. Dive into the release notes, overview decks, feature matrix, and more to ensure you’re at the forefront of the upcoming release.

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Stay ahead of the curve

Watt Hamlett recently published an insightful article entitled “What You Need to Know About Salesforce for Nonprofits in 2024.” This blog describes the latest Salesforce features and best practices tailored specifically for nonprofits looking to drive impact in 2024. Whether you aim to enhance donor engagement, streamline operations, or leverage data for greater insights, this article is a must-read.

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On-demand: Let’s Get Fancy! Extending your portal with web tools

Discover the strategic importance of member portals and their evolution into central hubs of interaction.
In this on-demand webinar, we demonstrate how to align Fonteva’s portal template with your users’ expectations, how to create an enticing, brand-reflective interface, the integration prowess between Fonteva and your CMS, and the advantages of leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud for a unified digital presence. This session is invaluable for association professionals seeking to craft a seamless and engaging member experience.

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Optimizing association management with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive solution that manages and enhances every sales process step, from lead generation to celebrating successful deals. This blog post explains how associations can streamline their operations, boost revenue, and achieve sustainable growth with Sales Cloud.

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How to enhance your association’s online learning and credentialing programs

Elevate your association’s online learning and credentialing programs with our comprehensive guide on enhancing educational offerings. We propose strategies to amplify your online courses and certification processes and ways to create enriching, engaging learning experiences that cater to your members’ professional growth and set your programs apart. Discover the key to unlocking your association’s educational potential by visiting our detailed post today.

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Six reasons why nonprofits need WordPress managed services

Discover why a managed services partner like Fíonta is pivotal for nonprofits and associations looking to amplify their impact and grow with their changing needs. Download our guide today to learn how we can support your WordPress website and free up precious staff time to focus on business-critical needs.


A Guide to Moves Management on the Salesforce Platform

Learn about nurturing donor relationships with our guide to Moves Management on the Salesforce platform. This resource is tailored for nonprofit professionals eager to streamline their fundraising strategy and foster deeper connections with their supporters. Learn how to leverage Salesforce and Classy to track and enhance every touchpoint in the donor’s journey, from initial engagement to major gift cultivation.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources for Philanthropy

Explore the future of nonprofit technology with the latest insights on artificial intelligence (AI) from TAGTech! Gain a deeper understanding of AI’s applications within the nonprofit sector and learn how your organization can harness its power to drive meaningful impact.

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Good Tech Fest

Good Tech Fest is a global virtual conference on how you can responsibly use emerging technologies for impact. Grow your impact with data and technology, use code GOODTECHFRIENDS to register for free.

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Classy Collaborative

Fíonta is a proud partner and sponsor of Classy’s annual conference, Collaborative. Join us for this two-day conference in Chicago that brings together forward-thinking nonprofit professionals and social sector experts.

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The Marketing, Membership, Communications +Tech Conference (MMC +Tech) is the place for association and nonprofit professionals to get the latest tools needed to move forward in the worlds of marcomm, membership, and technology. Visit Fíonta at booth #60 to chat with the team about the latest association technology including Fonteva Platform 15.

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1-2: Good Tech Fest (Virtual)
15-16: Classy Collaborative (Chicago, IL)
30-31: ASAE MMC+Tech (Washington, DC)


19-21: Dreamin’ in Color (New Orleans, LA)

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