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Fíonta joins Pledge No Hate as a founding member and sponsor

We are committed to using the power of technology as a force for change. 

Our company believes in democracy, science, the separation of church and state, anti-discrimination, gun safety laws, and bodily autonomy. These values are essential to creating a just and equitable society. 

Pledge No Hate

Becoming a founding member and sponsor of is a natural extension of our commitment to these principles. By taking a stand against extremism and ensuring that our use of technology does not enable it, we uphold our values and contribute to a safer and more inclusive society. 

At, the Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist Files, specifically the Extremist Groups list, is used as the primary measure of extremism. By joining this initiative, we are proactively ensuring that our use of technology does not further enable extremism in the United States. We promise our customers, especially those whose work is deeply connected to democracy and social justice, that we will not enable their detractors with our application/services. We also promise our staff that we are taking the threat of extremism seriously and committing to a journey of learning that can be integrated into our work.

We hope that other businesses will join us in this effort and that together, we can create a community of business leaders who are committed to using technology for good. 

We encourage our customers to ask us about our involvement with and to hold us accountable for upholding our values

We believe transparency and accountability are essential to building trust with our customers and creating a better world for all.