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Fonteva Platform 15

Elevating features and functionality for a seamless digital experience

The Fonteva Platform 15 (FP15) is here, and it’s packed with enhancements that promise to improve and expand upon the already robust Fonteva features and functionality.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key highlights of this release, which include the introduction of Dynamic Fundraising Campaigns, Reusable Components, and the powerful Fonteva Enterprise Community +.

Additionally, we’ll explore refund enhancements, the improved Credit Memos feature, multi-currency support for Campaigns, the enhanced Void Receipts functionality, essential schema updates, and critical changes.

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Dynamic fundraising campaigns: Modernize your campaigns with lightning

FP15 brings a revolutionary change by introducing Dynamic Fundraising Campaigns, replacing the older CPBase and VisualForce-based Campaigns. This upgrade promises a more dynamic and engaging campaign experience for end-users.

Key highlights:

  • Sleek design: Say hello to a modern, user-friendly interface that enhances the overall user experience.
  • Migration utility: Transitioning to Dynamic Fundraising Campaigns is a breeze, thanks to the migration utility provided. 
  • Effortless transition: Your existing Campaigns are not affected by the upgrade, remaining fully functional, ensuring a seamless transition without disruptions to your fundraising efforts.

Fonteva’s reusable components

Streamlining experience site development with drag-and-drop functionality

FP15 introduces an innovative approach to enhancing Experience Sites through its Reusable Components. These drag-and-drop elements are designed for System Administrators and Developers, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with customizing Experience Site solutions.

Key highlights:

  • User-friendly design: Fonteva’s Reusable Components provide a straightforward, efficient way to add functionality to Experience Sites using the Experience Builder, without the need for developing new Lightning Web Components.
  • Versatile building blocks: The components can be used individually or grouped to create comprehensive dashboards, offering flexibility in design and implementation.
  • Specific components: The library includes the RecordsTileViewer for displaying record data, the addRecord and addRecordButton components for easy record addition, and the SummaryRecordView for quick record summaries.
  • Easy integration: These components can be effortlessly added to any Experience Site layout, enhancing user experience and functionality.

Ideal for System Administrators and Developers familiar with Fonteva objects and relationships, these components streamline the process of customizing Experience Sites, making it more accessible and less time-consuming.

Fonteva Enterprise Community +: Elevate community engagement with Enterprise Community+

Fonteva Enterprise Community + is a game-changer, particularly for larger organizations managing over 100 communities. It offers noteworthy updates to branding and data-sharing capabilities, taking community engagement to new heights.

Key highlights:

  • Enhanced branding: Empower your communities with improved branding and customization options.
  • Efficient data sharing: Seamlessly share data across multiple communities, streamlining your operations.
  • Scalability: Enterprise Community+ scales effortlessly to meet your needs whether you have a few or many communities.

Refund enhancements: Simplify and streamline refunds with Fonteva Platform 15

Fonteva Platform 15 significantly improves refund functionality, making the process more efficient and transparent.

Key highlights:

  • Refund defaults: Enjoy a more streamlined refund process with default settings.
  • Refund to credit: Easily process refunds to credit accounts.
  • Invoice line adjustments: Adjust invoice lines for greater accuracy.
  • Prorated refunds: Handle prorated refunds with ease.

The refund process

Credit Memos:

The Credit Memo feature receives notable improvements in Fonteva Platform 15, offering organizations greater flexibility, efficiency, and control over invoices and payments.

Key highlights:

  • Over- and underpayments: Easily manage credit memos and write-offs for over- and underpayments.
  • Automated credit memos and write-offs: Configure automated processes to streamline credit memos and write-offs.
  • Manual credit memos: Create credit memos manually from invoices.
  • User stories: Real-world scenarios demonstrate the power and flexibility of the improved Credit Memo feature.

Multi-currency support:

FP15 introduces Dynamic Fundraising Campaigns with multi-currency support for Fundraising Campaigns, providing organizations with expanded capabilities for their global campaigns.

Key highlights:

  • Multi-currency-enabled business groups: Campaign pages now support multi-currency-enabled Business Groups.
  • Currency conversion control: Customize how currency values are displayed when customers change their currency preferences.

After selecting the British Pound (GBP), a configured Functional currency with specified values from the Suggested Level of Giving related list.

Void Receipts:

The Void Receipt functionality now supports enabling chargeback processing and the reversal of affected transactions.


  • Chargeback processing: Easily process chargebacks by voiding receipts.
  • Balance adjustments: Voiding a receipt updates the Balance Due field and Sales Order Lines to reflect adjustments.

Schema updates:

Fonteva Platform 15 includes essential schema updates emphasizing new features and functionality.

Key schema updates:

  • Campaign pages: Schema updates specific to Campaign Pages.
  • Multi-currency schema: Schema updates related to multi-currency support.
  • Unapplied payments: Schema updates for improved unapplied payments handling.
  • Fonteva Enterprise Community +: Schema updates to support the Fonteva Enterprise Community+ feature.

Fonteva Platform 15 (FP15) is about efficiency and engagement. Whether upgrading to Dynamic Fundraising Campaigns, exploring Fonteva Enterprise Community+, or benefiting from improvements to the refund process, this release is designed to enrich your association’s operations and elevate your community engagement. 

Critical changes:

Before diving into the exciting new features, let’s address the critical changes in Fonteva Platform 15 that require your attention:

  • CurrencyApi deprecated: CurrencyApi has been deprecated and merged into the FDService and FDService Versions. To use Dynamic Fundraising Campaigns with Fonteva Platform 15, you must uninstall the CurrencyApi package.
  • DonorApi support sunsets: With Fonteva Platform 15, there will be no further bug fixes or updates for DonorApi support. While CPBase Campaigns will continue functioning, Fonteva recommends migrating to the new Dynamic Fundraising Campaigns for future campaigns.
  • Access Manager not supported: Access Manager is not supported with FP15. It is advisable to implement the Permission Sets feature to accommodate the release.
  • Fonteva Payments 1.0 support ends: Support for Fonteva Payments 1.0 ends with FP15. Customers using Fonteva Payments 1.0 must update to Fonteva Payments 2.0 before upgrading.
  • Fonteva release 2019R1 sunsets: Fonteva release 2019R1 support ends with FP15. Customers are urged to upgrade to the ‘21 Winter release to accept the new platform.

Contact us to upgrade to FP15 to experience these enhancements firsthand and unlock new possibilities.