Life at Fionta

Happy Thanksgiving from Fíonta

We wanted to take a moment to wish you and your family (friends, neighbors, pets!) a happy Thanksgiving!

When asked what we are thankful for here at Fíonta, the answers were heartwarming and funny:

  • Graduating grad school with an MBA in December without taking on any debt!
  • Getting to go home to pets every day, growing up in a biracial/bicultural home, living in a town full of free museums, the Nats winning the World Series, being born into a democratic society, and Peeps. I just love Peeps.
  • My kids, my wife, my Québec roots
  • Family, friends, and the Fíonta team. Every day, I’m challenged to “level up” to support my coworkers and our clients.
  • Mr Rogers, fresh air, human kindness
  • My wife, my health, my dog, and my family
  • Ravens 45, Rams 6
  • My journey (past chapters and adventures to come), my family (by blood and by choice), and the world’s greatest inventions (bread, cheese, and music)
  • Family and that our 501(c)(3) finally got approved
  • My big blended family, my rescue pups, my adventure so far at Fíonta and the people, my adventures in life, the outdoors and waterfalls, football Sundays, and candlelit pizza nights
  • Brené Brown
  • Our farm in the country, maple leaves to rake up in the city, parents to take care of, and children who are old enough to buckle themselves up.
  • Lovely family, a fulfilling job, friends that share, neighbors that care, warm blankets, holiday spirits, hopeful heart, and COFFEE!!!
  • Patience, support, and thoughtfulness of the Fíonta staff during my hip surgery recovery
  • Hilarious niece, adorable nephews, and strong family. And the outdoors, and adventures, and coffee!!
  • Living in a vibrant and creative city
  • Having the opportunity to have balance as a working mother who can both nurture children and show them what it looks like to be a powerful woman doing meaningful work in the world