Grants management

Navigating the transition from foundationConnect to Nonprofit Cloud

A strategic guide for grantmakers


With the sunset of Salesforce foundationConnect in the not too distant future (January 31, 2026), grantmaking organizations face the challenge of transitioning to a new system. Leveraging our expertise in digital transformations for grantmaking foundations and Grants Management with Salesforce, Fíonta is well-positioned to guide organizations through this change. This guide is crafted to assist organizations in a seamless transition, focusing on the strategic and business considerations involved.

The retirement of foundationConnect and its implications

foundationConnect has played a crucial role in transforming the grant management process by integrating it into the Salesforce platform. This integration not only bolstered operational efficiency, but also enriched decision-making through a comprehensive view of grant seekers and recipients. 

The retirement of foundationConnect signifies a new era in grant management. It presents organizations with an opportunity to migrate to a more advanced and efficient system, making this period critical for planning an effective migration strategy that aligns with their grantmaking activities.

Key considerations in advance of migrating to Nonprofit Cloud

Migrating to Nonprofit Cloud involves several critical considerations:

  • Data migration: Carefully plan the transfer of data from foundationConnect to Nonprofit Cloud to ensure data integrity and continuity. Both products are on the Salesforce platform but leverage different data models. Ensuring the data is translated and migrated between data models correctly is going to be critical for success. Read How to ensure a successful data migration as a primer.
  • Customization and integration: Nonprofit Cloud’s extensive customization and integration capabilities include:
    • Adaptation and enhancements to the grant application and review processes.
      • Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud includes access to OmniStudio, a Salesforce technology that provides new capabilities for guided journeys for internal staff, reviewers, grant seekers and grant recipients
    • Integrations with external systems and data:
      • Leveraging OmniStudio, Salesforce AppExchange products and custom integrations, plug into grantmaking products like Candid to surface external data to grantseekers and internal staff automatically 
    • Reporting and analytics:
      • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud includes new tools like the Data Processing Engine and Business Rules Engine that allow data aggregation and automation of key decisions 
      • Creation of custom reports and dashboards.
  • Training and adoption: Adequate staff training is crucial for a smooth transition, ensuring familiarity with new interfaces and workflows.
  • Long-term strategic fit: Evaluate how Nonprofit Cloud aligns with your organization’s long-term goals, considering scalability and adaptability.

Measuring impact with Amp Impact by Vera Solutions

In addition to Nonprofit Cloud’s robust features, Amp Impact by Vera Solutions, a partner of Fíonta, offers an advanced solution for impact measurement. Should there be unique needs not currently served by Nonprofit Cloud, we can integrate Amp Impact, which is designed for organizations managing portfolios and seeking comprehensive reporting on their programs, projects, and grants. Its key features include:

  • Outcomes management: Define and track specific outcomes and indicators to measure the impact of grants.
  • Indicator tracking: Collect and analyze data for various indicators, providing detailed insights into program effectiveness.
  • Sophisticated reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on impact, tailored to the unique requirements of each organization.

Moving forward

Transitioning from foundationConnect to Nonprofit Cloud is an extensive process that offers opportunities for organizational growth and evolution. Strategic planning and informed decision-making are crucial for a successful migration. Starting early and seeking expert guidance will ensure a smooth transition.

We invite you to contact us with any experiences, concerns, or inquiries about transitioning from foundationConnect. Our team is ready to provide tailored support and guidance, ensuring your organization navigates this transition smoothly and effectively.

Reach out to us to begin this crucial conversation and set your foundation on the path to a successful migration to Nonprofit Cloud.