Connect EventBrite to Pardot

Connect EventBrite to Pardot using the Pardot Connector

Hi, welcome to the Fíonta Five (ish). Today we’ll be talking about how to connect Pardot to EventBrite so that you can add registrants as new prospects, track behavior around events, and assess the cost and returns on event campaigns. Let’s get started!

Now you will want to set up your event in EventBrite ahead of time. It’s helpful to stay logged into EventBrite, you’ll see why when we enable the connector. So to get to connectors roll over admin, connectors, click that link and then click the blue button that says add connector. You will look for EventBrite, click that link, and then you need to assign a campaign. I choose my events campaign so choose selected and then I like to pull historical events and additional prospect fields.

You can click on the details link to see what the fields are. If there’s no information in Pardot for these particular fields, EventBrite will write to it. It will not overwrite. So pop back into connectors and then click Create Connector. You will now need to verify by clicking Verify Now. This is where it’s helpful to be logged in to EventBrite; then you’re going to go ahead and say Allow Connection. You’ll see now that there’s a check mark next to verified.

Now to look at the report. Go to Reports, Connected Apps, Events and you will see…nothing there right away. It takes about two minutes to sync the connector from EventBrite to Pardot. So you can furiously hit refresh, you can step away, grab a coffee and come back in a couple minutes. Refresh one more time and you’ll see your events in your past events.

Okay it’s been a couple minutes. I have gotten my coffee. Now I go to Reports Connected Apps, Events and you see, Voila! I have Upcoming Events and I have Past Events. So let’s hop into Upcoming Events. We have one coming up shortly. Not too many recipients or registrants yet as we just launched it but I want to pop into details and you’ll see I have the event URL, I have the fact that it’s a private event, start and end time. I click description and you can actually see the EventBrite page itself right here within an iframe.

I can go back to my events report page and take a look in Past Events. Last year we had a Dreamforce viewing party. I’ll pop in there. I had 42 registered prospects so I can click right on that link. This is my prospect table; it’s the same as any other prospect table. In description, well my event has ended so this page is not as interesting!

And then if I go back again, these are tables and I can export table information as CSV or I can print it. I can do that for Past Events and Upcoming Events. So if I go ahead and export my upcoming party as a CSV it’ll download quickly. Open it in Excel and you’ll see that my columns are Name, Organizer, Registered Prospects, Tickets Sold, Ticket Quantity, Start and End Time. Go ahead and close that and that is the EventBrite to Pardot connector!