Salesforce multi-factor authentication requirement

If your nonprofit or association uses Salesforce, you likely know that all users will be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) each time they log in starting in February 2022. But how does it benefit your organization, and what does that mean for your specific users?

Benefits of MFA

The benefits of MFA for your organization can be significant. A recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) study performed by Forrester1 found that deploying a Salesforce MFA solution for a representative organization would:

  • Improve security and privacy savings from a 50% reduction in risk of a material breach. 
  • Save $42/year in licensing costs per Salesforce user.
  • Lessen insurance premiums related to cybersecurity coverage while improving regulatory compliance.
  • Help avoid the brand reputation damage that accompanies a breach.

All the many good things about MFA aside, this is a change for your users. At Fíonta, we believe strongly in the value of change management planning and communication, and we’ve started working with our nonprofit and association clients to set expectations for MFA’s impact. 

While the same Forrester® report notes that the additional time required to log in using MFA is minimal – less than 10 seconds per login – it can take some getting used to. 

Salesforce Authenticator App

We recommend asking your staff members to download and connect the Salesforce Authenticator App to your organization’s Salesforce instance. Whenever a user logs into your organization’s Salesforce instance with their username and password after connecting the Authenticator, a message appears on that person’s mobile device to confirm and verify his / her / their identity.

A good best practice is to start this process with a core group of user influencers. These folks can:

  • Identify potential issues for your wider user group during the initial “test run.”
  • Help troubleshoot issues and refine instructions before rolling MFA out across your organization.
  • Serve as additional resources for their colleagues throughout the transition to MFA. 

You might also consider hosting an online training session or lunch and learn to guide users through installation and answer questions.

The Authenticator is available for iOS and Android devices. Here’s how to set it up.

Install the Authenticator App

The Salesforce Authenticator generates verification codes as time-based one-time passwords on your mobile device. Installing it is like installing any other phone app:

  1. Open the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play on your mobile device. 
  2. Search for Salesforce Authenticator.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Once the app is finished downloading, click Open. 

Connect the App to Your Salesforce Instance

Now you’re ready to connect your Authenticator app to your Salesforce instance. The screenshots below are from an Apple app.

Step 1
Skip or enjoy the app tour. (You can skip the tour in the top right corner.)

Step 2
Enter your mobile phone number and click Send.

Step 3
Open the text message on your mobile device and click the link in the message.

Step 4
Click Add an Account in the Salesforce Authenticator app that opens.

Step 5
Log in to Salesforce on your computer with your username and password. You will then see a new screen with instructions on how to Connect the Salesforce Authenticator.

Step 6
Type the two-word phrase from your mobile device into your computer.

Step 7
Click Connect on your computer.

Step 8
Click Connect on your mobile device.

Step 9
Click Got It on the Account Added successfully screen.

Step 10
Click Continue and select your location setting preference. You’re done!

More MFA Resources

Here are some additional resources if you are looking for more detail or perhaps even different methods of satisfying the Salesforce MFA requirement:

Following these instructions well before the MFA deadline of February 1, 2022, can make it much easier for your Salesforce users to adapt to the new way of logging in. And you can rest easy knowing that your organization is reaping the benefits of MFA.

Need guidance in deploying MFA in your Salesforce instance – or to your users? Contact Fíonta – we’d be happy to help!

1 The Total Economic Impact™ Of Multi-factor Authentication From Salesforce:  Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By MFA, Forrester® October 2021