Life at Fionta

Working at Fíonta

Our five core values help us create a work environment that people want to be a part of. Beyond words, we believe in action and support Fíontans with policies that support work-life balance.

Work from…wherever

“Fíonta offers a great flexible work policy that enables me to work remotely from various locations worldwide. I have worked in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, and a handful of other countries. By coordinating my travel plans and daily tasks in advance with the team, my family and I can create priceless memories and adventures together.”
-Hassan Elhassan

Flexible hours / Part-time options

“Having a flexible schedule at Fíonta has made my transition into becoming a new parent and having a full-time job so much easier. Also, the culture and the people I work with here are always supportive and understand that, while we all work hard and do a great job, our families and personal lives come first when they need to.”
– Kailee Quinn

Support for professional development

“Fíonta matches your investment in your personal development by covering exam fees, providing certification bonuses, and qualified studying time.”

– Cooper Westbrook

Paid parental leave

“I was able to take four weeks off to be with my daughter after she was born. That time, to state the obvious was so special, and I feel fortunate to be at a place that respects family leave. I can now split up my remaining time, so I can keep working but still have special, solo Dad time with our baby girl. The flexibility is what helps it make it so great — it’s your time, and Fíonta trusts you to manage it and use it in a way that works for you and your family.”
– Lawson Condrey

Great health benefits + 401k matching

“Fíonta worked with me upon hiring to ensure my start date allowed me not to have a gap in coverage because they valued me as a person before I even started. This reinforced that I made a good decision when joining the team.”
– Alexis Daniel

Engaged and inclusive coworkers

“I feel lucky every day to work with people who do their best and are here to make the world a better place.”
– Deborah Ben-Moshe