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Improving access to educational resources for New York city teachers and children

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility is a vibrant, progressive organization that works to build students’ social and emotional skills, strengthen the classroom and school community, and make schools in New York City (and beyond) more caring and equitable through restorative practices and brave conversations on race.

Fíonta partnered with Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility to re-envision their website, leveraging Drupal 8 to create a user-friendly, accessible platform with improved information architecture and visual appeal.

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The redesign and rebuild of Morningside’s website makes it easy for teachers and other users to find our Teachable Moments, facilitating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and the use of Restorative Practices (RP) with students.
Laura McClure
Communications Coordinator

An outdated Drupal 7 CMS and complex configuration hindered user experience, making it difficult for Morningside staff to manage content and locate valuable educational resources across devices.

Outdated CMS and complexity

The Drupal 7 configuration was hard to manage, and the site’s outdated design rendered poorly on mobile devices, leading to a poor user experience across

Inefficient search functionality

The sitewide search did not work well, making it challenging for users to find related lessons and content of interest.

Limited access to valuable resources

Valuable “Teachable Moments” lessons were challenging to discover, reducing their accessibility and shareability for educators.

Fíonta completely rearchitected and redesigned the website, replacing Drupal 7 CMS with Drupal 8 CMS, enhancing functionality and ease of use. A filtered resource library was introduced for Morningside’s “Teachable Moments” lessons, making them more readily accessible.

Through an improved sitewide taxonomy and search, Morningside could accomplish something they couldn’t through Drupal 7 CMS – contextual access to articles and lessons that accompanied lesson plans and related content.

Additionally, we styled the Donate page to match the fresh new website. We created an email template design to emphasize the brand and improve communication with the audience using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

Modern CMS and enhanced functionality

The Drupal 8 CMS provided Morningside with additional functionality and ease of use, streamlining content management for their staff.

Filtered resource library

The improved taxonomy and search enabled a filtered resource library for “Teachable Moments” lessons, making them accessible and related to relevant content.

Consistent branding and communication

The updated website design was extended to the Donate page and email templates, creating a consistent look and feel to reinforce the organization’s brand and improve engagement with the audience.

Fíonta built the rearchitected, redesigned site on the modern Drupal 8 CMS, offering Morningside additional functionality and ease of use.

A filterable resource library of Morningside’s Teachable Moments lesson plans means those important assets are now accessible, shareable, and presented with contextual, related lessons or articles due to improved sitewide taxonomy and search.

We styled Morningside’s Donate page on Network for Good and created a new email template design to match the new website and emphasize the brand.

Morningside donation page

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility mobile design


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