5 Pardot Takeaways from Dreamforce 2018

Exciting changes are coming to Pardot

Get ready! 2019 is going to be transformative.

The Pardot keynote was on fire at Dreamforce and Fíonta could not be more delighted about what’s coming down the pike.

1. Einstein Lead Scoring

Let Einstein augment your lead scoring discipline by surfacing leads that indicate a higher likelihood of converting (be that donors, volunteers, members, etc.)

All screenshots below are from the Pardot keynote and you can learn all about Einstein Lead Scoring beginning at the 00:26:48 timestamp.

Pardot Einstein Lead Scoring

2. Einstein Campaign Insights

Einstein is all over Pardot now and with Campaign Insights, he surfaces campaigns that are performing well and not so well and provides suggestions for changes to the campaign to effect positive growth. See Einstein Campaign Insights at the 00:37:35 timestamp.

Pardot Einstein Campaign Insights

3. Einstein Voice

Talk directly to Pardot and let Einstein Voice probe your data for you! In the keynote, the presenter posed the following question to Einstein Voice: “What are the top 3 marketing channels for Cloud and On Premise business units?”. Einstein responded within a second with real-time data visualizations to answer this question! See Einstein Voice perform at the 00:44:54 timestamp.

Pardot Einstein Voice

4. Einstein Canvas

Prepare to have your mind blown. If you’re at all like us, you use a whiteboard or pen and paper a lot when planning constituent journeys. With Einstein Canvas, you can upload a photo of an Engagement Path sketch and Pardot will scan and set up the entire path for you! Just hop in to tie the associated emails, rules, and triggers to the path. It’s basically magic! Watch Einstein Canvas in action at the 00:28:34 timestamp.

Pardot Einstein Canvas

5. Pardot in Lightning

Coming in the Winter ’19 release (as soon as this week for many!), a fully integrated Pardot app is available within Lightning! Gone are the days of the Pardot iframe and tricky to use, multi-level navigation in the left column. Log in to one place with all the access you need as a marketer and easily share reports with Development or Membership! Learn about Pardot in Lightning at the 00:19:33 timestamp.

Pardot Lightning is coming in Winter 19!